Iron hand controls the dragon

Iron hand controls the dragonIron hand controls the dragonIron hand controls the dragonIron hand controls the dragon

Chun Yu Jing brought him into the room, leaving only the two of them. Chunyu Jing said, "Brother Yu, I have two things to talk to you about. First of all, I want to talk to you about the secret of asking the Medicine King.". As far as Brother Yu knows, Xue Sangu is Xue Jinghong, who killed the three sages and seven sons of Wulin 20 years ago. Since this world-shaking event happened, the martial arts world has given her a nickname'Yan Luocha ', and the shadow of the devil Xin Wuhen is called the two girls of the devil's cave. Pei Chun was dumbfounded and said, "I've never heard my teacher mention.." On the other hand, he was surprised that Chunyu Jing mentioned the magic shadow Xin Wuheng's ease, not like other people at all, and when he mentioned her, he could not help showing a flinching attitude. Chunyu Jing went on to say, "a few years ago, Daxia Li vaguely revealed that their brother and sister had turned against each other for many years. Be careful when you go here." Pei Chun thought to himself, "The last time she was nice to me, but now she really has no choice. At most, she will beg. I think she will promise to tell the secret." So he comforted Chunyu Jing and said, "I can save it. Don't worry, Sect Leader. But I still don't know why Aunt Xue killed the Three Sages and Seven Sons of Wulin."? If these ten people are all bad people, how can they have the name of the three sages? But Chunyu Jing said, "These ten masters are all from famous families. Among them, the three sages are even more famous for their moral character and martial arts." Confused, Pei Chun asked,water bottling line, "But have all the disciples of the top ten masters, or the younger generation, been sitting idly by?" Leader Chunyu sighed and said, "Even if you are old and young in the same school, you may not have the feeling of jealousy and the intention of plotting against you." When Pei Chun heard this, he was stunned. He thought to himself, "Since Uncle Piao Guojiu left, the eldest brother of this gang has always shown a look of being preoccupied. With such an open-minded and magnanimous man as him, he still can't hide it. We can see that this worry must be extremely heavy.". To say such a thing now seems to be inspired. Chunyu Jing added,PET blowing machine, "Don't mention the gossip. Let's say that the three sages and seven sons disappeared one after another at that time. There has been no news of them for more than twenty years. They are clearly dead.". The top ten masters all went to Yan Luocha to make an appointment with Xue Jinghong, but there was no news as soon as they left. According to outside speculation, there are two legends: one is that when the top ten masters went to make an appointment and disappeared one after another, each master had a classmate or a good friend present. Seeing that Xue Jinghong was highly skilled in martial arts, they all knew that they could not retaliate, so they all swallowed their hatred and did not think of revenge.. "Is there really such a thing?" Pei Chun exclaimed. In my mind, when I saw Xue Sangu that day, her inner strength, which ran through the tip of the whip, was very powerful! Sect Leader Chunyu said, "There is another saying, that is, all the people related to the Three Sages and Seven Sons have been warned and dare not plot revenge.." When Pei Chun heard this, he was even more surprised and asked, "Who is the person who warned?" Chunyu Jing smiled and said, "They are the two elders of the Central Plains."! In fact, they are still called'Zhongyuan Shuangyi 'in Wulin. With their reputation and ability, Edible oil filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, this legend can also be believed by the world! Pei Chun shook his head and said, "Nothing. My teacher and Uncle Li would never do such a thing.." Chunyu Jing said, "Foolish brother, I know that the two elders didn't warn anyone, but there are very few people in the world who know the two elders. Naturally, I can't teach everyone in the world not to believe this lie." He sighed and went on to say, "In a word, the foolish brother knows very well that it is not easy for the good brother to succeed in this trip. He must be careful.". Now that you know Xue Sangu's background, it's more appropriate to deal with it. The second thing the foolish brother wants to tell you is about my poor family gang.. Pei Chun is stretching his ears, suddenly can not hear the voice, look up, see Chun Yu Jing sad face, gaze thinking. It immediately meant that there must be a great disaster for the Poor Family Gang. Just as they were waiting to inquire, a sharp voice suddenly came from outside, saying, "Pei Chun!"! Pei Chun! Come and save people. "It's Miss Yang Lan's cry," said Chunyu Jing. "I want to ask you to save her Second Elder Martial Brother! Other words later have the opportunity to say, please good brother remember my words, Xing Red Hand is not a good man! Then, not allowing Pei Chun to ask more questions, she pulled him out of the room and ran into Yang Lan. But when she saw that her hair was in disorder and her purple clothes were slightly damaged, she looked very embarrassed. She grabbed Pei Chun's arm with one hand and shouted angrily, "Those two herbalists were disguised as traitors. The Second Elder Martial Brother is going to be killed by them!" Pei Chun nodded and said, "Sure enough!" Yang Lan stared and shouted, "What?"! You already know that? He clasped his five fingers and held three acupoints on his arm. But as soon as the finger force was sent, he felt as if he were holding a piece of steel. Only then did he realize that Pei Chun was not afraid of pressing the acupoint. He let go and turned around and walked away. "Miss Yang," said Pei Chun in surprise, "didn't you ask me to save Brother Guo?" Without looking back, Yang Lan said, "Will you save him?" "Of course I'll try my best," said Pei Chun. "I just don't know where Brother Guo carved it." "Don't be suspicious, Miss Yang," said Chunyu Jing. "It was only later that Pei Xiandi realized that it was a plot by the enemy." Ziyan Yang Lan stopped and said, "Since the Sect Leader said so, I believe it!"! My second brother is outside. Pei Chun hurried out and saw a man lying on a long bench in the hall. His face was purple and black, and he was covered with mud. It was Guo Yinnong, the scholar of Shenmu. Pei Chun stretched out his right palm and pressed it on the "Purple Palace Point" on his chest, sending out a stream of yuanyang Qi into his meridian point. He asked, "Where are the poison beads?" "It's still in his mouth," said Yang Lan. If I hadn't seen the flaw, not only would Second Elder Martial Brother's life be in danger, but even I wouldn't be able to escape.. Pei Chun worked silently, and the gas of yuan Yang was injected into Guo Yinnong's body. After a while, most of the purple and black color on Guo Yinnong's face faded. After a while, Guo Yinnong still closed his eyes, Pei Chun's head has been out of the misty white gas, at a glance know that the loss of Zhenyuan is huge. In fact, Guo Yinnong had already regained his sanity, and knew that if he lifted Qi to expel poison, with the help of Pei Chun, the Qi of yuan Yang, he could expel all the poison in his body in a moment. But he deliberately pretended to be unconscious, so that he could teach Pei Chun to consume his true strength, and at the same time, it would be of great benefit to himself. When his internal force was about to be exhausted,PET blow moulding machine, he would take the opportunity to secretly transport his true strength, which would surely kill Pei Chun. Chun Yu Jing saw something wrong and studied it with great concentration. Yang Lan thought that Guo Yinnong was poisoned too deeply, so that he was so anxious that he kept sighing.

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