Tianlongjia-Wolongsheng _ txt novel paradise

Tianlongjia-Wolongsheng _ txt novel paradiseTianlongjia-Wolongsheng _ txt novel paradiseTianlongjia-Wolongsheng _ txt novel paradise

Jin Jiao said coldly "Zhuang Xuanji do you think you are really saving them You are hurting them In today's world no one can save them except the grave of the living Tonight their wounds will break out At that time you will see them die of grief and cry but there is nothing you can do The only place you can help them is to kill them" Make them suffer less "Oh" said Chuang Hsuan-chi! Jin Jiao have you ever thought that they might see you die before they die "Oh!" Said Jin Jiao! Can the pump woman kill me "Don't you believe it" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi "It doesn't seem to matter whether you believe it or not" said Jin Jiao "Anyway it's inevitable to let go" Zhuang Xuanji glanced back at Emei Shuangjian and said "You two would you like to ask me something" "I don't deserve it" said Tian Yu "Miss what's the matter But please tell me" Chuang Hsuan-chi asked "How does Jin Jiao behave at ordinary times" "I'm cocky" said King Tian "I'm the only one who respects me" Chuang Hsuan-chi hesitated for a moment and said "I mean how does he treat people" "Fierce and overbearing" said Wang Lei "Then he should die" said Chuang Hsuan-chi "You deserve to die" said Wang Lei Zhuang Xuanji sighed and said "Jin Jiao even if I let you live I can't" Jin Jiao suddenly turned to one side and rushed straight at Zhuang Xuanji "That's not necessarily true" he said "As long as I subdue Miss Xuanji there's still a chance of survival" Speak in the mouth but the right hand has already pointed out five fingers the left hand clapped out three palms Zhuang Xuanji did not move in situ right hand delicate jade finger five times in a row forced the Sports Entertainment eight strokes of Jin Jiao With a loud shout the two swords of Emei attacked from left to right The cold awn flashed each stabbing out five swords The sword came out like a curtain forcing Jin Jiao to cross the line "You two don't have to bother" said Chuang Hsuan-chi Suddenly the point is like electricity seven fingers in a row The fierce wind forced Jin Jiao to take six steps back in succession Zhuang Xuanji showed outstanding martial arts which not only shocked Jin Jiao secretly but also shocked him even if he had two swords After seven fingers Zhuang Xuanji not only did not take the opportunity to attack but also retreated three steps But see four figures disease like a meteor rushed to Jin Jiao Jin Jiaozao was alert and when he saw the four shadows rushing over he was completely fearless of death He couldn't help but feel a shock in his heart He thought to himself Are these people really made of iron and poured with copper Just as the mind moved four figures rushed in Jin Jiao suddenly inhaled and his body rose into the air He had planned to see the rapid momentum of the four figures if he suddenly dodged hoping that the four people would collide with each other that there was a mechanism above a big net straight down Like a moth throwing fire Jin Jiao himself crashed into the net The whole person was caught in a big net Divided into four directions the four shadows that rushed to Jin Jiao were staggered The mechanism designed by Fang Zhen is really exquisite The lights came on and Jin Jiao could be seen hanging in the hall in a big net This net is made of silver and hair very strong China Suppliers even if it is a sword it is difficult to cut off But the golden palm fingers on Jin Jiao's hands were very sharp and many nets were cut off when the palm fingers passed Chuang Hsuan-chi gave a sneer and said "Don't move If you still refuse to tie your hands don't blame me for burning you" Jin Jiao is a rare master in the martial arts world but he is afraid of death He killed a lot of people so he understood that a person can only die once He didn't want to die so he didn't dare to resist any more He was dressed in gold and made of a special material which could avoid hidden weapons and swords but not fire Zhuang Xuanji gave a sneer and said "Jin Jiao you should understand in your heart that a person has only one life and it is inevitable that he will die But some deaths can leave infinite memories for future generations If you are unrepentant I can kill you right away" Tian Yu said "When this man commanded us he was extremely mean and cruel Before I die I hope I can kill him and avenge some of my colleagues in Wulin" The net suddenly fell down Tian Yu's sword immediately penetrated the net and the tip of the sword pointed to Jin Jiao's throat Jin Jiao shouted "Don't kill me" ” "You're afraid of death" said Chuang Hsuan-chi "I don't think it's a fair way to die" said Jin Jiao "When has the grave of the living ever treated people fairly" Asked Tian Yu "What do you think is fair Jin Jiao" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi "Of course" said Jin Jiao "everyone will win or lose with their real martial arts" "What if you were defeated" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi Jin Jiao said "I'll be convinced if I can handle it But what if I win" "Let you go" said Chuang Office School Supplies Hsuan-chi "You're the Lord of a castle" said Jin Jiao "You can't keep your word" "Don't worry" said Chuang Hsuan-chi "Although you are a person in the tomb of the living you are not an important person in my eyes However I can't let you relax too much" "Are there any conditions" Asked Jin Jiao "Yes" said Chuang Hsuan-chi "first if you win let you go but you have to leave the medicine on you If you lose you have to submit to Hsuan-chi Castle" Jin Jiao said "I won't lose at all if I fight with one fist and one hand" "Oh" said Chuang Hsuan-chi! What if I lose "On the girl's terms" said Jin Jiao "I'm defeated If I don't submit to the girl I'll cut my own throat on the spot" Chuang Hsuan-chi heaved a sigh of relief and said "Put him down" The net opened by itself and Jin Jiao came out of the net He breathed in secret and breathed in the Dantian "Who will fight with me" He asked "Me" said Chuang Hsuan-chi Walked slowly over "Does Miss Xuanji want to face the enemy in person" Asked Jin Jiao "My younger sister is young" said Chuang Hsuan-chi "She's second-rate in Hsuan-chi Castle You have a good chance of winning" But Jin Jiao did not dare to hold up he thought of Zhuang Xuanji don't just make a few moves pointing to the wind like a knife fierce peerless Take a breath drink a way suddenly "Be careful" Suddenly straight grab up step on the palace straight bully and enter double palm at the same time clap out Zhuang Xuanji's body flashed and easily avoided a blow from Jin Jiao Jin Jiao's palms were interlaced and a series of twelve palms were clapped trade-global.com

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