Shushan -I didn't have my hands to use

In fact, I wanted to rub it. Unfortunately, it was a colorful crystal bug.

After the cold wave, the stone was frozen by half, and the slightly blue ice made it gain weight in an instant. Originally, I also wanted to restore the human body, to improve some skills, but this blue nest, the place is not big, or the body of this insect, when the flash is more flexible. It was the first time that I used Nameless Kendo after I incarnated as a colorful crystal bug. This skill is quite different from the form when I was in the body. Outside the shield formed by the Jingjin Sword Qi, the hissing current scurried. According to my mental induction, I can send out ten sword gas. After a little resistance, I changed places in a hurry. "Blue also does not chase us, just erupt the Dan gas like cold wave ceaselessly, force me to walk all over the room with bramble." What is that thing? Dan furnace or tripod? After I turned into a worm, my speed slowed down significantly, and I suddenly saw a possible hiding place and rushed into it. I seemed to hear the cry of thorns, but I didn't seem to have time to save him. Just when I thought I could catch my breath, this thing with seven holes and eight orifices suddenly closed and sealed me inside. The head portrait of the thorns on the system has dimmed, and it should be swallowed by the blue. Only to hear a dense sneer outside. The little carp was tenacious, but refused to submit. I don't know what I can do if I only catch this stupid worm! I.. I'm not being made an alchemy by this blue, am I? Although the senior boss, because of the perfection of the program itself, presents a certain tendency of wisdom, but even an NPC knows how to make alchemy, the system of Shushan is too good. Now the question is. I don't want to be the dregs of medicine! Let me out,warehouse storage racks, mother***er! A colorful magic light appeared in the alchemy furnace, and a fog barrier like an auspicious mist rose. Shushan Volume 2 Five Thunder Purgatory Chapter 12 Blue Small. Say 。 t! Xt-Paradise Chapter 13 Hundred Poisons Cold Light Barrier Chapter 13 Hundred Poisons Cold Light Barrier As the colorful air in the alchemy furnace rose, the temperature suddenly dropped sharply. Why is this place so cold? It's even colder than the ice cave. With the tinkle of the system, I saw a dumbfounded prompt. Blue is using your physical body to sacrifice the magic weapon, all kinds of poisons and cold light barriers. Poison cold light barrier, magic weapon class. Gather thousands of highly poisonous things, and mix them with the treasure of refining the essence of the blue and cold elixir. When it is not used, it is like a group of dazzling clouds, and when it is released, it can cover a hundred acres. Those who are covered by this treasure will immediately freeze their blood and blood, freeze their bone marrow in a moment, and turn into clear water and die. Why does this thing sound like the red-haired Lao Zu's Five Poisons Peach Blossom Barrier? That's the baby on the list in Shushan! Shushan's NPC has a certain wisdom, of course, metal racking systems ,shuttle rack system, it also has the ability to determine its own behavior. It can even simply evolve. I don't know how this blue head has learned to practice. Although ordinary monsters can also gain experience upgrades by devouring their own kind or defeating players. But I've never heard of such a good one. You can even practice a magic weapon. There must be an inside story! Poison cold light barrier is a magic weapon that contains poison, cold and overbearing, but the blue has not been launched, I rely on the super high anti-toxicity, but also can hold on to death. However, although I am an insect, I still breathe medicine! There must be a bug in the design of Shushan. Why do I have a respiratory system? Hold back for a while, I really can not help, inhaled a few silk color smoke, the body suddenly turned upside down. Awful! Looks like it's going to be poisoned! Just then, the poison refining skill on the system bar flashed yellow. Can this skill force poison? I hastily selected, and then the body of the light almost invisible to the naked eye of the colorful gas, slowly flow of toxins in the body a trace, a trace of refining. Look at your toxic damage, up. Slowly, jumping a little. It suddenly dawned on me. It turns out that this poison refining skill is used in this way. Add 5 to 7 points of poison damage.. 6 to 8, 14 to 22.. Colorful Poison Barrier Level 2. Envelope extended to three meters. Corrosive damage at six points per second. Before long, the Poison Refining skill stopped working. I guess the level of our family is too low, so the skill promotion is limited. However, I was quite excited when I looked at the faint color mask around me. Although the power of this colorful poison barrier is low, it sells well and the light effect is first-class. Seen from a distance, it looks like a circle of Buddha's light, and the colorful flow is very beautiful. After waiting for a long time, I found that I had not changed at all, even in the state of poisoning. Suddenly the mind is alive again. Fortunately, my nameless kendo can still be used, otherwise it will only be one level after turning into a colorful crystal worm, and I can't even fly except crawling. Slowly around a circle, originally I wanted to find out if there was a way out, but there was an unexpected discovery. This damned alchemy furnace is not engraved outside, but inside. The guy who designed this prop is really sick. What do these lines say? "Hundred Poisons Sutra!" "Is it a common thing?"! Listen to the name is not how the secret, the name is really vulgar. The one written below is.. Poison Golden Silkworm!!! I blinked my eyes. In fact, I wanted to rub it. Unfortunately, it was a colorful crystal bug. No matter how cool I was, I didn't have my hands to use. Had to blink instead. Explore the secret of the refining of Baidu Golden Silkworm, Baidu Cold Light Barrier Training Tips.. Isn't this the thing that Lan is taking me to practice? Poison Shura Banner! This fame is not small to say! Bai Du Zhu Xian Jian.. I have heard of the sword of killing immortals, this hundred poisons. Yah! Isn't that the peerless evil sword that the evil faction has refined countless times and never taken out in the legendary three Emei sword fights? Legend has it that this thing is so powerful that the bosses of the three immortals and two elders of Emei have been staying in the East China Sea in order to refine the magic weapon to restrain this thing. There are seven chapters in the Hundred Poisons Sutra, and if you look at them upside down, there is not a word about the art of cultivation, but only seven magic weapons of sacrifice and refining. However, the raw materials needed to refine these treasures, without the public version of the cheating program provided by the game company itself,industrial racking systems, seem to be unable to get together easily. For example, to refine this poisonous golden silkworm, you need to find a golden silkworm to hybridize with Scorpio.

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