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Since my cousin wants it. He was so happy. But since they have given him so much face in terms of price.

Big Luo wanted to think, always thought that the villa is his father and father-in-law those people live, he and Li Wei, seems to always feel not so righteous, but it seems that this has nothing to do with righteousness, they are not short of money, do not spend some, all put the bank long hair. Big Luo patted the steering wheel: "This is a good idea, say, what is the location, as long as the conditions are really good, the price does not need to be paid attention to, but the area must be big enough, do not live and not enough, but my children are getting bigger and bigger, the activity venue is not small." There are also a large group of old men and women who may often come to see their children. They all have to have a place to live. As soon as Chen Weiguo thought about it, he reported two place names. Without saying a word, Da Luo drove there. These two areas in the city is also the top senior villa area, Chen Weiguo is just a general housing intermediary, like the last big Luo and Li Wei through his hands to buy a house, has been the largest business he met. As for the two exclusive residential areas he just mentioned,304 Stainless Steel Coil, he has not even entered them. One has been completed for two years, and it is hard to say whether there is a house that has not been sold. The other is a completed part, which is on sale, but because the house is beautiful and the environment is good, the price is extremely expensive. Three people first to the early completion of that area, the location is really good, next to the park, the whole area shade,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, the surrounding living conditions and facilities are also convenient and complete. Three people first came to the property to inquire about, not to mention, there are really two houses, one is the main money to sell the original house, the other is the location is relatively biased, has been a lack of interest. The person in charge saw that although Da Luo was not very old, he had an extraordinary temperament, so he enthusiastically took them to see the house. First led a few big Luo to the main house to sell, just in front of the car, the person in charge knocked on the door with three people to go in, the results of big Luo a look at the owner, stunned, actually know. 276 Borrow money The owner of the house was none other than Da Luo's cousin. It was not his cousin who received them, but his cousin Liu Shuo. Both of them were a little embarrassed for a while. Big Luo was better. After all, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, he just came to see the house. But his cousin Liu Shuo is some shyly, let a few people sit down in the living room, unexpectedly some do not know how to open their mouths. As soon as the person in charge of the property department looked twice, he thought it was easy to say: "Well, Mr. Liu, this Mr. Luo wants to buy a house. I'll bring him over to have a look. Since you are relatives, it's easier to say. I think you should study it by yourself. If Mr. Luo wants to see the next house, I'll accompany him at any time." Big Luo looked at everybody, stood up: "You wait for me, wait for a moment to say." Then beckoned his cousin into an inner room. Liu Shuo also quickly adjusted his mood, but Da Luo did not have time to catch up with him. He went straight to the point and asked, "Listen to the property that you are in a hurry to sell the house. What's the problem?" Liu Shuo adjusted his glasses and hesitated a little. Sooner or later, everyone would know that there was nothing to hide. He simply said: "The main reason is that the capital turnover is not enough. In the second half of last year, my family did not collect the accounts of several projects. There was also an accident in an investment project, which lost a lot of money. This year, a project has started here, and the payment for raw materials has not been implemented yet." Work has been suspended for a week, but the payment has not been collected, the contractor is only part of the money, the original contract project owed building materials and raw materials are also urgent, so it is more difficult. Big Luo nods, this kind of circumstance is much, he also hears of not little, two years ago his home had met, but have his father-in-law to help, just tide over difficulty, afterwards his old father learned to behave, general capital credit is bad project did not do, and later simply oneself investment does a few small projects, do contract rarely. Although Da Luo does not do business, he is very clear about many things. He has been in deep contact with the society. He knows what's going on as soon as he talks about it. He is not as naive as the average college student. Will not be good enough to support the Liu family, the Liu family is not a common people in distress, assets than his family and the Li family combined only a lot more. Then he asked his cousin, "How much are you going to sell this house for?" Liu Shuo wanted to think: "More than four hundred square meters, originally planned to sell five hundred thousand, to tell the truth, recently because of anxiety, four hundred thousand planned to sell, how, you want to buy?" Although Da Luo will not offer to help them without asking for anything in return. But at this time. I don't want to take advantage of others. "Sell me half a million," he said. If you need money urgently. Pick it up at my house tomorrow. I'll pay you in one lump sum. I'll find someone to handle the formalities. You don't have to bother. Right. How much is the real estate in your provincial capital. This is the only one for sale. Can you solve the problem? Liu Shuo wry smile: "There are several properties.". But except for this place, the time to buy land is short. Several other places were purchased in the past few years. And then because of the loan. It's all mortgaged. I can't move. Big Luo nods: "Show me the house.". I don't think I'm suitable for my family. It's not bad to see what the decoration is. After all, his cousin's family is also doing this. It is estimated that they are all solid and good materials. Install it in your own home. Naturally, he is willing to give up his capital. Liu Shuo also knows that it is not easy for the owner to spend so much money to buy a house at one time. Since my cousin wants it. He was so happy. But since they have given him so much face in terms of price. He had always felt that he was a head taller than his relatives, and he did not want to take advantage of them for no reason. "Now we are really short of money," he said as he led Da Luo to look around. I won't be polite to you. Furniture and household appliances are also famous brands. The quality goes without saying. Leave it all to you. The rest is needless to say. Leave it all. If there's anything to redecorate. I asked the engineering team under my house to do it for you for free. Just say hello. You don't have to worry about the quality. Da Luo simply looked around. I didn't say much. Say goodbye to Liu Shuo. He left with a few people. As for the house that no one has ever lived in, Da Luo didn't go to see it. He thanked the person in charge of the property and Chen Weiqiang and Chen Weiguo for a stroll in the community. Generally speaking,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, it's not bad. The environment is very good and the green area is large. After getting on the bus, Da Luo started the car and asked Chen Weiguo, "Where is the other place?" 。

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