Double Butterfly Shadow

Lan Hong said with a smile, "I arrived earlier than you. I also heard the sound of killing.

"You go to the Leifeng Pagoda in the West Lake and sit there for a year. You can't get out of the pagoda, or you'll die," the ghost shouted. Fang Jian asked in a trembling voice, "Ghost King, where is the old man?" yuan yuan looked at it and wanted to laugh, but he held back and said, "Die!" "I have treasure, too," said Wu Yue, "but I'm not as happy as the four seas. I can't redeem my life." He also took out a small picture. "Just be sincere," said the ghost! "You can redeem your life all the same. You can go all over the world with your happiness. He has a companion." Fang Jian hurriedly said, "I'm down, I'm down.." A little bit, too! But he took out a handful of silver tickets. yuan yuan took the picture and said sadly, "You three should go quickly and take refuge in Leifeng Pagoda as early as possible. Remember that you can't go for less than a moment in a year." The three of them ignored Wu Zhentian and scurried away, leaving Wu Zhentian sweating and his face ashen. "Wu Zhentian," said the ghost head with a sneer, "your life has not yet come, but I'm afraid you'll do evil. Now I'll waste 70% of your martial arts and leave 30% for you to go home." As soon as the ghost head floated near, Wu Zhentian felt his whole body was soft and his eyes were black. When he looked up, he knew that he had lost his martial arts. In the woods half a mile away, yuan yuan showed her true colors again. As she walked, she kept laughing proudly, talking to herself, and patting the bag from time to time. Hey! I should do the right thing. Leifeng Pagoda will stay for a year, and then Brother Butterfly will be able to catch it. By the way, I can't lose the treasure map until I find him. Where to find it? She did not ask in advance, so she walked slowly to the northwest. yuan yuan did not know that she was already within the range of Tianbi Peak, and now there were hidden cards of the centipede gang everywhere. She had just walked into a small depression, and there were four big men staring at her behind her, but she did not show up to drink. yuan yuan already knew that someone was behind her. She didn't care at all, but she knew what was going on. She thought, "No, Brother Butterfly won't be so close. I'm looking for the wrong one!" I want to look up at the direction and turn sideways to the north. The four big men behind her were a little confused, thinking that yuan yuan was going to explore the mountains,jacuzzi bath spa, but when she turned around, she didn't care! Two miles away, out of the range of Tianbi Peak, yuanyuan disappeared behind her. She smiled and murmured, "The Centipede Gang just wants to defend that Tianbi Peak. There's no point in finding fault!" Suddenly, she heard a few shouts in the distance due north. She was stunned. She didn't know who was in the conflict. She rushed out immediately. Half a mile away, Bai Di Zi, with more than twenty of his men, took up positions and was restrained by his wife Bai Nu in front of a forest without moving, but Bai Di Zi himself and the big cattail fan, the long pipe and the goddess, as well as the'Beihai Jiao 'and another young man, killed very fiercely. White emperor son to the goddess, the two skills are equal, but the big cattail leaf fan to'Beihai Jiao 'is stretched, everywhere constrained, especially the long pipe rival youth, outdoor whirlpool tub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, only killed the old man panting like an ox, the situation is very dangerous. This one does not understand what is going on, how can the two elders join hands with the white emperor, then the white emperor shouted: "Irina, quick hand to help cigarette butts." This call, but see Irina, long body to run out, but the sky suddenly sent out a strange laugh, a ghost head floating, long hair loose, like flying a kite in general. The rival young man, who was smoking a long pipe, turned pale at the sight of the ghost. "Which side are you going to help, Younger Martial Sister?" He shouted. "Who is your Younger Martial Sister?" Asked the ghost in a mournful voice? Your master deceives his master and destroys his ancestors, and plots against his brother. You are his evil disciple. I will punish you. It turned out that the young man was the'ever-changing Lang Jun. 'When he heard this, he was so angry that he suddenly forced open his long pipe and let out a long roar. Goddess and'Beihai Jiao 'seemed to know something was wrong, so they withdrew at the same time and ran together to'Changeable Lang Jun'. Ghost head floats to 3 people head, Yin Yin laughs: "Roll, I do not kill a person today! I do not kill a person today!" "Changeable Lang Jun" way: "Younger Martial Sister, you don't even know what's right and what's wrong. If you bend your arm, we'll settle the account in the future.". ” Ghost head Yin laughed. "In the future, you will die in front of you. Once the Nine Claws Dragon finds you, I'll see where you go." "Changeable Lang Jun" with two Japanese women, Xinqian left the local heavily, long pipe pulled a big cattail fan: "Today is incredible, let's go!" The White Emperor walked up to Irina and whispered, "That ghost head has appeared recently. Don't mess with it. We'll take everyone back into the forest." Ghost head floated two circles, a look at the end of the matter, but deliberately issued a strange laugh, floating to the north, but to a few miles away to fall, a flash back to yuan yuan. Naughty boy, your hands are so good! When yuan yuan heard the sound, he looked back and cried out in fright, "Brother Butterfly!" It turned out that Lan Hong was a few feet behind her. "Don't speak loudly," he whispered. "There are two powerful people not far away!" "Who is it?" Asked yuan yuan. "Don't worry about these two," said Lan Hong. "I'd like to ask you how you got here? This is still at the foot of Tianbi Peak, and there are hidden cards everywhere. yuan yuan way: "I'm looking for you!"! By the way, when did Brother Butterfly arrive? Why did Bai Di Zi join hands with Long Pipe? Lan Hong said with a smile, "I arrived earlier than you. I also heard the sound of killing. This time it was the White Emperor who took the initiative to help the two elders. He seemed to have changed." yuan yuan said, "You should clean up the'ever-changing husband '!" Blue rainbow way: "Before the capture of Tianbi Peak, this is tantamount to civil strife, self-cutting power, leaving them behind, using them to join forces to attack the Centipede Gang, this is the best policy." yuan yuan suddenly said, "Ah, in that case, I was right not to do it." "That's right," said Lan Hong! I'm just afraid you'll do it! yuan yuan suddenly took out the treasure map and the silver ticket. He told the story in detail and said with a smile, "Brother Butterfly, did you do this well?" Blue rainbow excited way: "yuan yuan, you are so kind to me. You can keep the treasure map and the silver ticket and take them to help the poor in the future." yuan yuan pouted and said, "No!"! If I give it to you, I'll throw it away. Blue rainbow along her, after the way: "Now follow me to see those two great men,Whirlpool bathtub, perhaps you have seen them?" yuan yuan said in a frightened voice, "Are you talking about the two old men beside the'Heavenly Master '?" Lan Hong nodded and said, "They are practicing in a valley. Maybe they are the two old people you saw. They look ferocious and act strangely." 。

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