Vicious female companion, she doesn't want to die -- Qionglie

Vicious female companion, she doesn't want to die -- Qionglie (Common species No.: Xitulanya Everything House

The young lady helps him to handle affairs, he pays the young lady a large sum of money, but also protects her all the time, but did not think that she saved enough money to escape from himself?! After the young lady failed to escape for the nth time, he finally could not help pressing her against the wall: "Where do you want to escape at night?"? You haven't been responsible for me. "Responsible?"? Responsible for what? Li Muxin was stunned. You have trampled on my jade and my heart. If you are not responsible, who will be responsible? Li Muxin:?? # What kind of earthy love words are these # # Do you know I'm the villain's dog leg # # I'm gonna kick your ass # Content tags: court Marquis through time and space sweet text Search Keyword: Protagonist: Li Muxin, Song Yu Supporting Role: Others: Chuanshu Chapter 1 who stole the Jade Bracelet? On the veranda beside the small garden of the Li Mansion, two little maids were talking as they walked. "Did you hear that Huei-fang had stolen her ladyship's jade bracelet?" "Huei-fang is only thirteen years old, and now she's so unclean. That'll be all right in the future." "But a concubine, whose mother was born in that way, could not get a good one. Now that she has offended her wife, she is afraid that in a few years she will be married by someone else at random." "Don't say it, and the housekeeper will be scolded again." The two servant girls shut up, but as soon as they turned, they happened to walk opposite a girl. The girl was in her prime of life, dressed in a light blue skirt with scattered flowers, wearing the same color on her upper body, with two small silk flowers on her hair,stainless steel tile edging, and her face was like hibiscus out of the water, even though she had not yet reached the grade of complete growth, she had already revealed the appearance of a beautiful city. The two maids shivered and saluted. "Huei-fang!" Li Muxin nodded slightly and then walked forward, as if he didn't know what others were talking about. The two little servant girls saw that Li Muxin did not embarrass them and ran away. Li Muxin didn't do much, but the big servant girl behind her, Xueqing,aluminium edge trim, was very angry. Miss, these maidservants are too cheap. How can they let them go easily? Miss Mingming, you only praised your wife's bracelet that day. After that, you didn't even see the shadow of the bracelet. How can you say that you took it? "You don't mind losing your status even if you haggle with them." Li Muxin looked up at the sky, "go quickly, today is the opening day of the women's school, if you are late, you will be punished to copy books again." Remembering the last time she was punished for being late, Li Muxin felt a pain in her head. God knows how much she wanted to vomit blood when she saw this kind of book in modern times, and how well it was written on her face. It really should be like this. She has been in this world for three years. The original owner was pushed into the pond and drowned, and happened to be taken advantage of by her modern lonely soul. It wasn't long before she knew she was in a book. The book was called "The Bandit's Daughter", which she used to pass the time in her spare time. In the book, it is said that the daughter of Guogongfu was accidentally taken by mistake when she was born. From then on, aluminum tile edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, the real daughter fell into the nest of bandits and was raised by a bunch of rough men until she was fifteen years old. When Guogongfu found out that she had been taken by mistake, the bandits drove the real daughter back to the capital for the good of her daughter. Such a vulgar but true temperament of the girl came to the capital of this big dye vat, partial and noble status, and the rules of the traditional hard collision, just break out of her own world. For such a woman, Li Muxin is envious, but she is not wearing the heroine, not even a supporting role, but is an indispensable role. Because, she and her mother is the villain Jing Wang Ye placed in Li Fu's eyes. To put it more clearly, it is the kind of person who can destroy his family for the sake of the task at any time. Li Muxin can imagine what will happen to her once she loses her vest. After all, the ending of the original owner in the book can be described as horrible. Li Muxin shivered at the thought of the death of the original owner in the book. Fortunately, the story has not begun in the past two years, and she is still safe. She went all the way out of the house, where two carriages were parked outside. Just then, a message suddenly came from the carriage in front of us: "I'm afraid the fourth sister won't come today. Let's go first.". ” The rickshaw puller was about to pick up his whip when he saw Huei-fang, who had just left the house, and quickly opened the door. Li Muxin was supported by Xueqing on the front of the car, and as soon as he lifted the curtain, he saw a girl sitting inside. The girl is a little smaller than her, wearing a plain snow silk cloud satin skirt, eyebrows and eyes with three points of color, although not as outstanding as Li Muxin, but also a little beauty. Li Muxin glanced at the girl, who was the fifth lady of the Li family, named Li Muxue, who, like her, was also born to a concubine. The fifth sister is early today. Li Muxue was both embarrassed and regretful. If only she could have asked the driver to drive the rickshaw away earlier. "This morning, Thrushcross heard the servant girl in the fourth sister's courtyard say that your body is not good, and maybe you can't go to school." Thrushcross is Li Muxue's servant girl. Li Mu heart sneer at the heart, last time she is not so late, but the face of the intimate pull up Li Muxue's arm, "which servant should be so talkative, sister can tell me the name, and so on back I have to discipline, this know the inside story, know sister you are concerned about my sister, do not know, I thought you were deliberately do not want me to go to school." It wouldn't look good if it went to my mother because of this misunderstanding. Li Muxue touched this soft nail and had to laugh awkwardly: "What my sister taught me was that my sister was wrong." Li Muxin glanced at the jade bracelet on Li Muxue's wrist and smiled,stainless steel tile trim, "Why don't you see the third sister today?" There are three people in the Li family who go to school for girls now. Besides her and Li Muxue, there is also the third Miss Li Muru. I heard that the third sister went out for an outing with her friends a few days ago. She happened to meet Miss Wu of Fang Shangshu's family in the Ministry of the Interior. She was appreciated. Yesterday, the third sister handed over a post and was accepted by Miss Fang Wu. Li Muxue's face was envious and mixed with crazy jealousy. Miss Wu is the daughter of Fang Shangshu. I heard that she will marry the prince in the future! "That's good. Maybe we'll be able to benefit from it later." Li Muxin boasted casually and waited quietly.

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