A snap of thunder

This girl's skill may be above Zheng Xiongtu, but can she resist such a fierce killer trick? Not yet, I saw that the girl's figure was already fluttering lightly with the wind of the palm

Aunt Yang flew into a rage and said sullenly, "Girl, do you know who I am?" She guessed that the girl's parents or teachers were mostly well-known figures in the martial arts world, otherwise they would not have been so presumptuous. If it was expected, even if the girl did not know who she was, her parents and teachers should have told her about the name of "Hot Hand Guanyin". Without waiting for her to give her name, the girl laughed and said, "Of course I know who you are, otherwise I wouldn't have come here." This answer was a bit beyond Aunt Yang's expectation. "Who sent you to make trouble with me?" She said suspiciously. The girl said coldly, "No one in the whole world can send me." Aunt Yang said, "You know who I am, but you dare to provoke me. It's really bold. But I want to ask you, why did you come to make me angry?" The girl said, "This should be reversed. You made me angry first.". But I won't argue with you on this point. If you ask me why I came to you, I can tell you honestly. "All right," said Aunt Yang, "tell me! Why don't you say it? "I'm afraid you can't stand it," said the girl. Aunt Yang hummed, "I don't know how many storms I've experienced in my life. Can you, a young girl, say a few words that I don't know the importance of, and I can't stand it?"? Say it! Girl says slowly: "I hear you have a nickname, call what 'hot hand Avalokitesvara', be?" "So what if it is?" Asked Aunt Yang. The girl says: "I am to be aimed at your this nickname,wire mesh decking, just come to have a look specially." "" So she came here for her fame, "said Aunt Yang. His tone softened and he said, "So you've seen me now, why don't you go?"? Is there anything else you want to say to me? The girl sighed and said, "I'm so disappointed to see you!" "What are you disappointed about?" Asked Aunt Yang. The little witch teased Aunt Yang. "The name of a man, the shadow of a tree," said the maiden. I originally thought that a person's nickname should be more appropriate than her original name, but at first sight, you'Hot Hand Avalokitesvara '-- "At this point,mobile racking systems, I shook my head and then continued:" The word'Guanyin' is out of the question. Although I haven't learned the word'Hot Hand ', it seems that it's just a false reputation! " When Yang Dagu was a teenager, she was a very beautiful woman. Generally speaking, a woman who had been envied for her beauty when she was young, when she was old, she liked to hear people praise her for her "beauty" (although this was not the case). And all her life, she was conceited because of her strong means, so she knew that people called her "Hot Hand Guanyin". Although she pretended to be unhappy on the surface, in fact, her words were regretful, and her heart was really happy. The girl taunted her to her face, something she had never done before in her life. And that's exactly what she's doing. Cup aunt, who was already full of temper, was so angry that she finally exploded! "Young girl, how dare you! If you don't make amends, I'll give your eldest brother an earshave!" Aunt Yang scolded angrily. Instead of apologizing, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, the girl said with a smile, "I just want to see your hot hands. That's good. Let's see who can slap who." Aunt Yang was so angry that she slapped the girl in the face with a backhand, regardless of her identity. The girl's figure fluttered, as if Lingbo had taken a slight step, and her posture was light. She just avoided Aunt Yang's palm and said with a smile, "You can't hit me. I'm going to hit you!" Five fingers together, gently a brush, suddenly close and suddenly relax, just like spring flowers, wonderful posture! Yang Yan looked relaxed and happy beside him, as if he had forgotten that the girl was beating his aunt, and unconsciously gave the girl a drink. Aunt Yang was a great expert in martial arts, and she couldn't help but be surprised to see such a move of a young girl. You should know that she is known as "Hot Hand Avalokitesvara", as the young girl said: "The name of a person, the shadow of a tree, can not be lucky. Therefore, although her intention was not to take the girl's life, she just wanted to slap her in the face, which was not a "hot hand". But under the shadow of her power, I'm afraid there are few famous people in Jianghu who can escape from her power. Now the girl was not only able to quickly avoid, but also to meet her palm immediately brushed her wrist pulse, when the wonderful pinch, when really wonderful to the top! Auntie Yang could also see that this Buddha of hers seemed to be an understatement, but her skill was really extraordinary. If her wrist pulse was brushed straight, I'm afraid one arm would become disabled. Aunt Yang didn't put this girl in her eyes at all, but at this time she dared to underestimate the enemy at all? Seeing that the girl's five fingers were about to brush Yang Dagu's wrist pulse, between the lightning, Yang Dagu was suddenly transposed, both palms together, but this time with the "King Kong Six Yang Hands" killer trick. Zheng Xiongtu was seriously injured and killed just now under her move. Yang Yan could see that Aunt Yang had already used seven points of masculine strength in this move! This girl's skill may be above Zheng Xiongtu, but can she resist such a fierce killer trick? Not yet, I saw that the girl's figure was already fluttering lightly with the wind of the palm, suddenly an elbow through the palm, slanting out, the palm suddenly changed in the middle, turning into a grasp, grasping the lute bone on Yang Dagu's shoulder. This seemed to be quite beyond Aunt Yang's expectation, but she had experienced hundreds of battles, and although she was not in a panic, she had originally rushed at the girl, but at this time her figure suddenly froze and she shouted, "What a cruel girl!" The backhand is also a catch! The girl was sure that she had to flash before she could fight back. She also knew that with Aunt Yang's martial arts, she would never catch her lute bone so easily. But as long as she was forced to flash, she could take the initiative and be sure to win. Unexpectedly, her wishful thinking was not accurate. Aunt Yang's ability is so high that she is even better than her estimate, and she has already reached the realm of being able to send and receive as she pleases. Flash also did not flash, that is, frozen body shape, stand to fight back. Master fight, the tolerance of the tiny difference, the girl grabbed the past, just met the Yang aunt's counterattack, Yang aunt is using a big capture technique,drive in racking system, if the two sides meet, the girl's five fingers, I am afraid she will have to break. jracking.com

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