4 steps to advertise your properties on Facebook the right way!

Facebook has been a very useful tool for the entire business world, contemplating companies from different branches and increasing its reach with the public.

With the real estate sector there is no reason to be different!

It is possible for real estate agents and freelance brokers to create Facebook pages for the promotion of their business, with albums and descriptions of the properties available, considerably increasing the view by potential customers. In this text we will take a step by step on how to advertise properties through Facebook. Follow with us!

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  1. Create a professional page

Creating a business page through Facebook is simple and requires a few minutes:


  1. Click here to access the professional Facebook page creator.
  2. The option for real estate deals is under “Local or local business”, where you must select the option “Real estate” in the Category field.
  3. Fill in the remaining fields requested and click on “Get started”.
  4. After viewing the basic Facebook instructions, insert a profile photo, create your description and, finally, determine her social network address, such as “Facebook.com/Example”.
  5. Page created... What now?

With the creation of the page you will be able to publish the content you want, from presentation texts, curiosities about the real estate market and the properties managed by you.

The tip is that for each property you create a specific photo album, where you can put a general description of the properties and specific captions about each photo posted.

Prize for relevant photos, well-lit and focused, so that customers can see the property in its entirety. Always encourage likes and shares in your texts.


  1. Getting followers

It is useless to create a Facebook page and post content if it has no followers and has not received a relevant number of likes.

The page needs people to see your posts! To do this, spread the page among your contacts, through e-mails and through your personal Facebook page, sharing the posts you made on the business page.

In any promotional material, put the words “Like our page on Facebook. Address X”. The visualization of your properties depends on the largest number of likes on your page.

  1. Promote your page and boost publication

If you are not getting likes through your own disclosure, Facebook offers this sponsored links service. It will show your posts and your page to several Facebook users who are not among your contacts.

The amount paid to Facebook will be proportional to how many likes you want to earn per day and for how long the ad will run.

In addition to promoting the site, there is also the “Boost publication” service, which can, for example, disseminate the photo album of its latest real estate release to more people than its contacts.


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