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As we come to the end of the report, I think we come to the most important point. To the point of what kind of report and how the report should be written, that is, write my essay to the technical dimension… After adopting and internalizing this information, why can't you write an original report anymore?


What Kind of Report?

After examining the environmental issues within the framework of the application, we now enter the application topics related to the three basic terms separately. What kind of report should be made? How should the report be written? Many people think that they are writing reports without knowing the report writing models, rules, techniques, conditions and environment. However, it is not a written report. It could be called a makeshift collection that informs many reports. Because the reporter

He does not know enough about the subject he wrote the report about. The report writer does not know the report he wrote.

He cannot openly and sincerely say that he has no knowledge of the report, he either has that profession or profession based on his professional title, he thinks that he should write it even though he does not know the subject. Or he thinks that he should write a report to his supervisor to make a career, to rise in his career.

When approaching these two wrong starting points, it ignores the correct starting point. The right starting point is to know enough about the subject to write a report.

Another point, it should not be forgotten that after knowing enough about the subject, it is obligatory to do resource research, gather up-to-date information and dominate the subject more than before. However, it is necessary to work on the report that anyone will write, to gather resources, to read, to make quotations, to update that information, to watch the latest newspaper news on that subject, etc. there is no time!

Immediately there is a previous report on the same subject; Either it is photocopied and the cover page is renewed only regarding the name and title and institution of the new reporter (!), and the report is delivered. However, it is empty, it carries old information, there is no current and new information in it. Even the resources used are skis. It does not contain any information that came out after the first report was written, nor does it contain any later sources.

If a very old report cannot be found, a similar report is found, even if the subject is different. The cover design is the same, the contents section is taken with similar sentences according to its subject, but by changing the basic terms. These are rewritten on the computer page. Then, each artificial subheading is cut and pasted from the internet, a few articles, even internet advertisements, and information on the doctor's examination pages and added one after the other. Thus, the pages are filled with information taken block by block, My Premium Essay paragraph by paragraph, with information that is not in harmony with each other, and a colorful logo of the institution working on the cover is presented to the requesting authority. The report writer has no original opinion, no thought, no contribution of his own, but the report has come out. Citations in such a report do not have page numbers. Each paragraph is quoted along with the most ordinary sentences in it. Since quotation marks are not used, and where the quotation begins and ends are not discussed, the sentences appear as if they belong to the person who was assigned the task of writing the report, and because there is a quotation at the end of the paragraph, it appears scientific. Since it was written so quickly and in a timely manner, the page numbers and even the web addresses shown in many quotations are wrong. You search, there is no such information on that page, the same information appears on another web page. It's terrible. the same 

People who have risen to the bureaucracy with such a method of making a report may be promoted, but they cannot make a career. “They cannot make a speech on the subject they are reporting. Reports are put in folders, folders on shelves. It will not be looked back again. Because everybody knows what it's like. Ascension has been achieved.

Guys, do not write such reports. This will shake your youthful dignity in silence, in the future you will either be introverted, silent with guilt, or in order to survive in the silence of what you are doing – sorry but – you will inevitably be rude or aggressive towards belittlements and disrespect. This will hurt you and keep your role in society always negative.

The report that you will write by the application information you will read below will perhaps tire you during the preparation and writing process, write my essay for me but it will make you spiritually satisfied, you will make you knowledgeable and therefore respected in your environment, and you will be balanced and happy in your relationships at work.


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