Why choose the best ivf clinic in Turkey

People from other countries travel to Turkey for fertility treatments because of the highest success rates & reasonable prices of the treatments.

How much does IVF treatment cost in Turkey for a single fresh cycle?

The IVF treatment cost in Turkey for a single fresh cycle ranges from USD 4000 to USD 4500. However, it is the estimated IVF cost Turkey the actual will be confirmed by fertility experts after they examine the couples. The fertility expert conducts a routine test to know the root cause of infertility, which stops them from becoming a parent. Based on the couple's medical report, the fertility expert recommends the best fertility procedure that helps them to conceive a baby.

How is the IVF procedure performed what's the IVF success rate in Turkey?

IVF treatment is a simple surgical procedure. In this procedure, fertility experts collect the eggs sperm of the intended parents combine them to facilitate fertilization in the IVF lab. Once fertilization occurs, the skilled embryologist chooses the most active and healthy embryo/s to transfer into the birth mother's uterus to establish a successful pregnancy.

After 14 days of embryo transfer, the fertility experts ask the couple to revisit the fertility clinic for a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test will be conducted using ultrasound, indicating the confirmed pregnancy after the fertility expert hears the infant's heartbeat. After the confirmed pregnancy, the couple gets released from the fertility clinic to a local gynaecologist for further treatment till the baby is born.

Suppose couples cannot achieve a successful result on the first attempt. In such cases, they undergo the second attempt, in which the fertility professionals only perform the embryo transfer part by transferring the left-over embryo/s from the couple's first IVF cycle. In such cases, couples only need to pay the IVF price in Turkey for the embryo transfer part instead of the entire IVF cycle.

If couples do not wish to undergo a second attempt at standard IVF treatment, they can opt for other advanced IVF procedures. However, before opting for any progressive fertility procedure, couples must speak to the fertility expert because they are the ones who know which is the best-advanced fertility procedure for the couples.

IVF success rate in Turkey at Go IVF surrogacy clinic for couples below 35 is around 70 to 80%. For couples between 35 to 39, it is approximately 50 to 60% above 40, which is about 40 to 50%, a relatively high success rate compared to other fertility clinics.

How advanced IVF procedures work how much do they cost in Turkey?

The following are the IVF advanced procedures with its cost these are:

  1. ICSI: It is a helpful fertility procedure to treat male infertility issues. In this procedure, the fertility expert extracts the sperm surgically and injects a single sperm into each egg to ease fertilization. The IVF cost Turkey with ICSI is around USD 5000.
  2. Egg donor: It is the best fertility procedure for those women who cannot produce enough eggs for fertilization; in such cases, the fertility expert uses the donor eggs fertilize them with the genetic father or the donor sperm. Once fertilization occurs, the resulting embryo will be transferred into the birth mother's uterus. The IVF cost Turkey with egg donor procedure is around USD 7000.
  3. Embryo donation: A fertility procedure in which a couple who had a baby through IVF can donate their left-over embryo/s to other couples seeking help to build their family. The couples need to pay some amount to the fertility clinic to freeze their embryo/s. The IVF cost Turkey for an embryo donation procedure is around USD 3500.
  4. Sperm donation: It is a beneficial procedure to treat male infertility issues. In this procedure, fertility experts use the donor sperm and artificially fertilize it with a woman's egg to smooth the fertilization process. It is the best procedure for male members dealing with low sperm quality, inadequate or poor sperm count, immotile sperm, etc. The couples must speak to their fertility expert before opting for a sperm donor procedure to conceive a baby. The IVF price in Turkeyfor a sperm donation procedure is around USD 3000.
  5. Laser Assisted Hatching: It is an advanced unique infertility treatment. It is a procedure in which fertility experts hatch the eggs from their protective layering and place them directly into the birth mother's uterus to establish a successful pregnancy. The IVF price in Turkey for a laser-assisted hatching procedure is around USD 6000.

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