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COVID-19 has brought social and economic life to a standstill. The whole world has witnessed a horrifying mass exodus where lacs of migrants travelled from cities to their native village, amidst countrywide lockdown. Not only this, there has been a huge impact on the GDP growth rate. Millions of enterprises are still facing an existential threat. 

As per a source, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies are witnessing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. 

Undoubtedly, various sectors have suffered the hardest hit. It has inflicted a sharp blow on manufacturers and brand owners. Supply chain got affected at a massive level. As the COVID-19 continues to spread its threat, brands can beat its impact on the supply chain. This blog post mentions various strategies like having a track and trace system in place apart from other measures to be taken up at the management level. Let’s learn them here!

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