Started with the perfect journal

Landing in the capital market has more than two years, Yi Xian e-commerce still failed to catch up with the original.

Landing in the capital market has more than two years, Yi Xian e-commerce still failed to catch up with the original.


It is understood that as early as November 20, 2020, as the first share of domestic cosmetics in the United States, perfect diary us was listed in the New York Stock Exchange, the issue price was $10.51 per share, the day of listing at $18.4 per share closed, up 75.24%, the total market value is more than $12.2 billion.


Just two months after the listing, the price of Yi Xian e-commerce was once rushed to $25.47 / share, as a perfect diary and other brands Yi Xian e-commerce temporarily got a lot of attention.


However, unexpectedly, the brilliance of Yixian e-commerce also only stopped here, since then its stock price all the way down, even below the issue price, as of January 27 at 16 o 'clock eastern time, Yixian e-commerce to $1.63 / share, down 1.21% to close, just two years, Yi Xian e-commerce has tasted the taste of falling from the peak to the trough.


So is the perfect diary for its main brand.


Perfect diary can be said to be the best power of Yi Xian e-commerce landing in the capital market.


Huang Jinfeng, one of the founders of Yixie E-commerce, joined the market research department of Procter Gamble Group after graduating from Sun Yat-sen University. After working for three years, Huang went to Harvard University to study for MBA. After returning to China in 2013, Huang Jinfeng joined Royal Muddy Square as vice president.


In 2016, Huang Jinfeng left the company and founded Yifen E-commerce together with his alumni from Sun Yat-sen University Chen Yuwen and Lv Jianhua. This is the beginning of his relationship with Perfect Diary.


At the beginning of the business, the three of them often visited offline stores around the world to investigate and learn arts. Based on Huang's rich experience in this field, the brand Perfect Diary was officially launched in March 2017 and launched its Taobao store. Then it entered the cosmetics e-commerce field and launched on Tmall in August of the same year.


Unexpectedly, Yixian e-commerce won the first battle, in 2018 Tmall Double 11 activity, perfect diary only took 90 minutes to break the sales of 100 million yuan, this achievement is not only a big surprise for Yixian e-commerce, but also a big surprise for the beauty industry. Based on this, Perfect diary became the biggest dark horse in the beauty industry that year. In 2019, Perfect Diary became the first Chinese brand to top the makeup list on Tmall's Singles' Day.


Benefiting from the excellent performance and achievements of Perfect Diary, Yixian e-commerce is also popular with capital. It has successively won the follow-investment of star investors such as Zhenfund, Hony Capital, Gao Rong Capital, Hillhouse Capital and CMC Capital. Therefore, it successfully landed in the capital market on November 20, 2020.