New World: Players are likely to see three new weapons

New World: Players are likely to see three new weapons

As we all know, New World, originally scheduled to be released in August, will be officially released on September 28. Although its release date may have been delayed for a month, due to the Let's Play series, details of the game's new content have begun to surface on the Internet. The YouTube channel Rocket Beans seems to have a chance to Buy New World Coins spend some time in the world of Aeternum. Although the game will not be available to players until the public beta weekend on September 9, fans have discovered three new weapons in the video.

It is said that the new weapons that will be added to the game are one-handed weapons called Daggers, a new long-range weapon Blunderbuss and Void Gauntlet magic weapons. The shots in these games seem to confirm the reports of data miners throughout the New World closed beta that these people will indeed join the game at some point. But since Blunderbuss does not yet have its own icon, this may take a long time.

The game's description of daggers says that they are dual-wield one-handed weapons, used for close combat and close throwing combat. According to the video, Blunderbuss is a long-range weapon with a high-damage cartridge, which is very suitable for keeping the target at a distance and fighting long-range, and high returns for precise aiming. Unfortunately, the Void Gauntlet is not highlighted at any time in the video, so players have not yet had the opportunity to see its description.

At the Gamescom show at New World, a developer showed off the concept art of a new "supernatural weapon" that will appear in the New World Coins game shortly after its release, possibly as a void glove. It is not clear what version of the game Rocket Beans has been approved to use in the let's play series of games, and whether it will provide players with what content during the upcoming public beta weekend. It is unclear when these weapons will be introduced into the game.

New World will enter the public beta on September 9th before the official release date. During that weekend, players are likely to see some new weapons added to the game. In addition, if you lack time to play games due to work and urgently need a lot of New World Coins, you can go to NewWorldCoins for help. They have provided quality services to tens of thousands of players from all over the world and are trusted by players.