Lost Ark: Gunlancer Class Guide part1

The Gunlancer basically fulfills the role with the tank in Lost Ark.

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The Gunlancer basically fulfills the role with the tank in Lost Ark, however it does it inside a pretty badass way, by incorporating big-hitting attacks and customarily a pretty satisfying form of play.

You're not just a DPS or support after you play the Gunlancer, but alternatively this big, solo-friendly, beginner-friendly class that may just be the ideal fit for the brand new Lost Ark player. Here's our class breakdown.

Class Overview

The Gunlancer is usually a heavy tank class that gives some shield buffs to your party, and also by far and larger one on the most useful skills amongst gamers: a taunt. The Gunlancer boasts a powerful shield that allows you to ignore a whole lot, if not completely, attacks - even those from bosses. This means you can stick in the actual face from the boss, taking heavy hits (even staggers and knock-ups) while consistently doing damage. The class relies mainly on heavy burst damage while using Lone Knight Engraving or even for consistent, sustained tanking together with the Combat Readiness Engraving.


Heavy tank character, one in the best, or even the best in Lost Ark

Big burst damage


Can soak up a whole lot of damage completely from the boss


Slow, lacks mobility

Pretty straightforward playstyle - you can definitely find the 'sit there and eat damage' playstyle somewhat dull after having a while

Has a backward jump rather than forward dash (the spacebar dodge)

Lost Ark is generally a stunning action MMORPG. This game caused a superb stir gets hotter was revealed during G-Star 2014, being hailed because the game would be the Diablo MMORPG players are actually waiting for. With nearly 20 classes announced, a tripod system that permits complex and varied combos specific for every character, action combat that's undoubtedly definitely probably the most exciting you'll ever see within the MMO, and open-world events, this may be a game that's as beautiful as vast.

Lost Ark is a lot more than a simple multiplayer hack-and-slash game; this can be a full-fledged MMORPG using a large world map to learn more and plenty to carry out besides following your main story, which says the sport world has become being invaded by demons, with random chaos gates that are used to cross together with work as open world events called World Class Crisis, where players must fight together to defeat the invaders. Some from the classes include some Battle Master, Devil Hunter, Arcana as well as the Berserker, each offering an exceedingly distinct gameplay style. Some ought to be in melee combat. Others would instead use magic, while many go for long-range tactics. The tripod system plays an enormous role in how that a character faces the battles, allowing several combos and customization that bring added replay value for your game. For example, the Battle Master care (earth, fire, water or air) uses it several times together with inc, a division of effect. Besides questing, there are many activities like fishing, crafting, mining, drinking and cards, moral decisions to check out (save a male or allow him to die), and hidden quests, like the one you could see by eavesdropping, among many other things. The Guardian Raids are regularly impressive and require some form of teamwork for making the creature down, in conjunction with awareness of your surroundings and also the items that is used. Finally, the cinematic dungeon experience helps to generate the action much more exciting, because of the inventive camera angles plus a sense of urgency. There's also a colosseum for PvP fighting.

Lost Ark is amongst the exciting games seen and recommended not just in every Diablo fan but to each MMORPG fan. As for the price, you'll receive Lost Ark on Steam for $14.99

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