Runescape - A New Chinning Method

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So I was reading about treasure trails and came across a site which stated, "Do not dig multiple times. This can result in RuneScape Gold several Zamorak wizards!" I noticed that some places where you can find wilderness coordinates have multicombat. Zamorak wizards have 730 lp. They are range-weak and drop 45 death ranes.

Make a quick prayer to protect your eagle eyes from the evil. Turn them on once you are prepared. After that, you can spam dig using the spade. Zamorak wizards are likely to appear. Chin them. The rune crossbow could be used to eliminate remaining wizards once you've defeated all of them. Then, spam dig again. Then, back to the chinning

The price of a 45 death rune drops pays for 30 chinchompas. This prayer potion will likely to last for an hour, which could be enough to kill approximately 20 wizards. If the drop of death runes is 10%, you'll break even. It is also possible that the death rune rate is more than this. It's not a huge pot to throw 30 heads. Are there any issues? Discuss and then test.

Template to be used for Runescape Poh Layout.This is not intended to be submitted to a Guide to Sal's. This sketch is just a rough sketch. I thought it might be helpful to others, and it might be helpful for those who are frustrated with how their house "shapes up".

Below is a template for creating the layout for your "house of your dreams". I created it because I was getting annoyed with my home and how disorganized the rooms were. It was like walking through a maze trying find the right rooms. I didn’t think about the best way to arrange them when I initially created my POH. I ended up cleaning out all my spaces and making this template to aid me in re-creating the spaces. My rooms are now exactly how I would like them to 2007 RS Items be with a well-organized design.

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