WOW TBC Classic: Progress is the first to pass two new raids

WOW TBC Classic: Progress is the first to pass two new raids

Recently, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic launched its first content update. But a few hours after the launch of the WOW TBC Classic Gold content update, the newly launched raid has been cleared. The Progress Association, located in the European Union, is the first association to achieve this goal.

The two new raids added to Burning Crusade Classic in this update are the Serpent Temple Cave and the Storm Fortress. As you might expect, the guild quickly prepared and tried to be the first to clear the pair of raids.

Progress, based on the realm of Firemaw, was the first to pass these two raids and the first to complete the cave of the Serpent Temple to kill Ms. Vashj. They were defeated by the guild salad baker who chose to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold clear the storm fortress first, and became the first to kill Kael'thas.

In the end, the game boiled down to Progress and another guild, BEEF BAR, and the final leader of each team was eliminated within one minute, leading Progress to the top. Players can view some of the highlights in Progress's defeat of the two final assault leaders, provided by a live broadcast of guild member Tetsu.

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Because BEEF BAR was only one minute behind Progress and ranked second, and the other top 10 also followed closely, SALAD BAKERS ranked 10th less than an hour longer than the first. In fact, if players want to get the best performance in the game, they cannot do without the help of WOW TBC Classic Gold. More TBC Classic Gold can give players a greater advantage. Any player can visit MMOWTS to buy cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold to pursue greater progress.