they have zero way to know what you're doing

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People were actually hitting people who they saw entering and aion classic kinah exiting SR. This seems like the most inhumane method to implement, but I got the impression that this company has zero log capabilities from the look of things which means that it's a manual procedure of monitoring the situation in real time.

Furthermore, I urge that you leadTo protest the behavior To protest, you must eliminate the member from your legion. The player should also be blacklisted by the entire Asmodian factions. This kind of aggressive cheating can take over Aion however, we can stop it if we take proper steps to ensure there are consequences not only from NCsoft but as well from the entire community.

This is illustrated best through Trump's declaration of COVID "The China Virus" as well as the subsequent rise in hate crimes targeting Asians. COVID was first identified in China. China is home to the largest population in the world. It also blew up really horribly in India as it happens to be the second-highest populous country in the world However, it was eliminated quickly in New Zealand. Are you seeing a trend?

Now, fast forward to the next week following this banwave. It's often the case that they're just not getting enough people to take on them. Elyos is now at level caps, while asmos had up to 3 times the 50s for the first few weeks.

For your information, when NC actually says to me "Oops Sorry, it wasn't cheating and you're not banned anymore" I am posting that schit here. I'm sure that they will since I'm not a cheater. For the sake of honesty, my character with the highest level would not be level 30

they have zero way to know what you're doing since aion has stopped offering an anti-cheat program, as it failed to work previously due to issues with performance. There is a way to keep every hack in the world running and have it active, provided you don't apply it in front of people or in front of a gm. They won't detect it.

My account appears to have been suspended for apparently suspicious activities. I do not use any third-party programs or anything of this nature. I actually use my abilities, instead of using macros or keyboard binding. The game first came out in 2009, using the same account. There has never been a time when I was accused of this nonsense. SteelRake was the place I was playing with an LFG group. We were playing our Hairpin and Snowquests. I was then exiled from the game and not able to login again due to the ban. I'm wracking my brain here thinking about what went wrong. I wasn't violating any terms of service. This euro aion classic buy kinah is absurd if NCSOFT treats its customers who pay like criminals, without any legitimate process or proof.