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Piping ProductPiping Product Piping Product

Piping Product Application of GRP Septic Tank GRP Septic Tanks are widely used for the preliminary treatment of domestic and fecal sewage in residential buildings, office buildings, schools, nursing homes, enterprise workshops, living rooms and other industrial and civil buildings. Advantage of GRP Septic Tank Excellent pressure resistance Small land occupation Easy installation Good sealing performance Long service life Low cost Specification of GRP Septic Tank Volume (m鲁)Diameter D (mm)Length L (mm) 212002200 415002300 618002400 918003600 1218004800 1622004300 2022005400 2524005600 3024006700 4028006600 5028008300 6030008700 75300010000 100350010500Piping Product website:http://www.thitco.com/piping-product/

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