I know the amount it expenses to refresh the runescape game

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Off topic. I was a member of several of my most favorite pkers ccs's when I decided I wanted to come back. Most who don't even have a Cc RS Gold. I did not join a cc until I was inspired by one of my most inspiring Pkers. It was him who was the one who introduced me to being a pure ranger. Yankin Deez who I decided to donate 1mil in order to help another vide pker. Surprisingly, he's a very cool person. And he also added me. It's basically a musician who's a huge fan of Led Zeppelin meets Jimmy Page. In any case, talk about.

Clans and clans, that's the most common thing I hear in the office. This, in conjunction with our massive "Clan Celebration Month", is what inspired me to start my own clan. However, I want it to be larger, bolder and more impressive than any clan ever established. I am the most excellent!

You are the one who can assist me. I need YOU! Everyone - sign up and join me. So...if you sign up with me, we can start stomping on innocents, looting villages, and pillaging the entire region of Gielinor to find gold. If you don't feel like it sounds exciting you can make slaves of other clans so they take on the work.

Who will be there for me? Who's going to join us to take the others down? Let me know by posting in the sign up thread. We're looking for the maximum number of members to be a part of clan-world Buy OSRS Fire Cape. When I say "make your mark" I'm referring to "stomp into invisibility".

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