How many players are playing New World?

How many players are playing New World?

With the release of New World, millions of players flocked to play Amazon's new open world MMO. This highly anticipated game was released on the live server on September 27. It has an incredible release not only on Steam but also on Twitch, bringing countless eager viewers to the streaming platform.

According to Steam game statistics, on the first day of the game’s release, the number of concurrent players in New World reached a peak of more than 600,000, which is slightly lower than Valve’s popular tactical shooter CS:GO. Since then, this number has jumped to several thousand.

According to statistics from the statistical website New World Status, New World’s average peak concurrent New World Coins player base exceeds 400,000 per day. On September 29th, the number of spectators for this game reached a peak of 734,000.

According to MMO demographics, the total number of players in New World is estimated to exceed 8 million. However, this number may take into account the game's open and closed beta player base. The specific value is still unclear.

The huge success of the game resulted in server instability and long queue time. To ensure that everyone can find an open world, Amazon continues to add New World and expand the capacity of existing servers.

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