Case Study Structure – 6 Killer Tips to Follow

Do you get stuck with developing the structure of a case study? Do not worry because professional writers have provided you with 6 simple tips to make a good structure.

You can only build the credibility of your brand if you know how to structure your case study. There are many case studies out there on the internet that are useless. 

Why does not a single reader care for those case studies?

Writing a good case study like the Robert Goodwin Mattel case is not a child’s play. Therefore, you need to know how to organize your case study effectively.

When writing a case study to attract potential prospects to your company, it is always the best decision to make it conversational. For this, you need to adopt the perspective of a happy customer.

Follow these actionable tips in order to craft a top-notch case study:


  • Focus on your client


There is not any greater strategy for writing an irresistible case study than focusing on your client. 

Every single thing you add in your case study should revolve around your customer. Accordingly, you need to ask open-ended questions in the interview.


  • Major problems


Now, you need to identify all the challenges that your customers are trying to overcome. It does not matter which type of case study you are crafting, you need to help people to fix their issues and provide them with customer support.


  • Write the journey


This is the only point in your case study where potential prospects begin to recognize. It would be best if you use a gradual method for this step.


  • Write the discovery


How did your specific product or service fix customer’s issues?

In this step, you have to show this to your prospects. Basically, you need to write a success story here. For this, you have to showcase the results your customer got.


  • The ultimate solution


It is the point where you should dive into the battle to pitch your product or service. You must include a call-to-action button at this stage.


  • The results


In your case solution, you should not forget to tell how your product helped your existing customers.