Four key features of academic style: Definition and Examples- Guide 2021

academic writing is a game of keen focus and good command over knowledge and grip on how to tackle requirements of the assignments, papers, essays, and assessments. 









Anyhow, it has some key features. You can adopt these features in any kind of perfect essay writing. We call them universal tricks or patterns. By opting them and placing them in the right place will increase the worth of your work. Let's start discussing the main four key features one by one. 




The objective is a staircase for perfect essay writing:





  1. We give importance to objectives more than anything. We call it a staircase or gateway of success for any writer; why? Because it not only gives direction to you but starts or inserts the urge to start writing.
  2. People with zero research questions and no research objective are merely wasting time by increasing words on paper. 
  3. How do you expect people will get the point and understand the thesis statementof your essay when your patterns are scattered in different sections?
  4. Objectifying your essays and papers is a noteworthy step, and it should be your priority.
  5. Objectivity has some rules, and you need to follow them to pursue the goal. For instance;
  6. Avoid using a narrative style in which words like "I, me, you" appear.  
  7. The reason behind not suggesting them is it gives looks of a personalstatement than formal collective statements based on shreds of evidence. 
  8. Try to use the title and subject in your objective. Address your people and targeted audience by referring the essay's main subject to your whole write-up planning. 
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Formal Outlook:




  1. We have given slight importance to formality in the above part. However, here we are discussing it in detail. 
  2. These academic assignments are sensitive to informal or casual writing styles. A defined set of rules are applicable for this sort of work. All students are bound to follow them. Let us elaborate some for your betterment.
  3. Your vocabulary should be formal, easy to understand. It should not be difficult to read. The use of tough words will not make it formal. 
  4. The use of humorous questions or scenarios to make the content engaging is suitable for creative content writing, but for academic essaywriting, don't use rhetoric questions that are not easy to understand or answerable for readers.
  5. Use the complete words where you can instead of numbering or diminutive forms. 
  6. Don't use unclear terminologies or literary languages. It hinders one from reaching the optimum level of formal structure. 





Concision and precision:




  1. To present your vast research in the form of a crux to convey the message is doable. With consistent practice and determination, you can be a master in the art of staying to the point. 
  2. Readers really appreciate this writing strategy as they can quickly get what they are looking for or seeking. They don't need to go through the whole passage to extract their expected point. 
  3. Separately, the small classified bullet list of points is highly attractive and marks gaining.
  4. Focus on your presenting style as well, i.e., use of graphs, diagrammatic explanation, tables, and figures if they are allowed to use. 
  5. The single word approach, which helps to summarize the whole sentence, is what precision is. For instance, 
  6. The sentence without a precise approach is "I get the results of all the collected data and information with the help of EViews." 
  7. Now the precise version is "I obtained the results of a gathered set of data through EViews."
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The trap of ineligible statements for an essay writer:






  1. We have seen students worried about low grades after receiving instruction regarding their disapproved opinions. Yet, their exclusive content relies on those statements. 
  2. Now the stress is real. One cannot change the whole academic content in a short period. So, to avoid this situation, make great efforts to take care of all the evidence, facts, and logical reasoning you provide. But don't get trapped into this. 
  3. Hesitate from making weak statements on your base. Otherwise, the entire building of your assignments and essays will collapse. 
  4. When you look for the points, how to avoid baseless structure to write my essay? You will find all the valid applicable points that we have just elaborated on. So, leave all your worries aside and start working on our suggestion. We wish you good luck!
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