3 Untold Tips to Craft a Custom Mission Statement That Resonates

Do you want to know how to write a powerful mission statement for your company? Follow these 3 simple steps to develop a convincing mission statement for your firm.

A mission statement defines an organization's purpose. A well-crafted mission statement like the  Viacom mission statement  tells people why your business exists. 

In order to unify the organization, every business must have a mission statement. You can consider a mission statement as a combination of what your firm does, how and why it does.

Bringing these ideas together is a challenging and daunting task. Follow these simple tips to develop a strong mission statement for your firm:


  • Explain what your firm does

Avoid being fancy here. Instead, you have to be simple here. What product does your business produce?  

It would be best if you get down to the standards. Avoid adding any type of filler in this portion. 

In simple words, you have to state the purpose of your firm here.


  • Explain how your organization does what it does

This is a grueling task because people are not looking for a lengthy description of your firm's physical operations.

Rather, people want to read the description of how your organization generally operates. Therefore, you have to write a couple of core values ​​of your business in this section. 

It would be helpful if you take a moment to pen down the core values ​​that are vital to present in your business. 

Below there are some examples of values ​​that you can consider which developing a mission statement:

  • Provide premium product quality
  • Provide best customer service
  • Creativity
  • Sustainable development

It might be good to concentrate on your firm's core values ​​when you are thinking about which values ​​are valuable in writing your mission statement.


  • Explain why your firm does what it does

This is the point of your mission statement that defines your glory - the motivation behind your business.

For many people, it assists to think back on why they made this organization in the first place. 

Along with a mission statement in place, renowned businesses also develop vision statements to explain their achievements