Buy Pure a2 Cow Ghee Online in Bangalore

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The health benefits of A2 Cow Ghee to our body  mind are undisputable. Chemical free grass fed cows produces milk high in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), an antioxidant and essential fatty acid that exhibit anti-carcinogenic and other beneficial physiological effects.

his resulting ghee is undisputable in taste, highly aromatic crystalline. It contains Omega 3, Omega 6, Mono saturated and Saturated fats, Vit A, E K. It not only boosts energy, but it also reduces inflammation due to presence of Butyric Acid. Omega 3 fatty acids reduces levels of unhealthy cholesterols and improve cardiovascular function.

Pro Nature A2 Cow Ghee is medicinal in nature, as we follow the texts laid down in Ayurveda.

This way, you ensure not only your health and well-being, but that of your family and other loved ones as well.

Buy Pure a2 Cow Ghee Online in Bangalore:

Pro Nature Classic A2 cow ghee is pure bilona cow ghee made from the protein-rich A2 milk of the desi Pahari cows of Himachal. A2 milk is a much healthier alternative to regular milk. In fact, historically, all milk that used to be produced as A2 milk.

The ghee is made the Vedic way and is hand-churned. The ghee has various benefits for the whole body as a result of its ayurvedic and medicinal properties.

What is pure A2 Cow Ghee and why it is different from factory-made Ghee:

  • Pure A2 Ghee has been an integral part of our lives since the time the old occasions from its sacrosanct use in yajnas, its restorative uses to its everyday utilization.
  • Something like this which has various purposes ought to be utilized in its most perfect structure.
  • The most perfect type of ghee must be produced using A2 desi milk which is unadulterated and safe.
  • We at Gramiyum make our guarantee to supply just legitimate A2 desi cow ghee without upsetting its healthiness.
  • Our assembling units take most extreme consideration and determination in setting up the ghee to keep up its immaculateness.
  • We set up our ghee with a conventional hand agitating technique to keep up its characteristic structure.
  • The milk utilized for this readiness is physically brought from our own homestead which backs Gir cows (desi breed). The cows are left to meander and benefit from the open field which is cleaned and kept up with watchfulness.
  • With regards to things like wellbeing, sacrosanct ceremonies, and cooking which anticipates a characteristic of virtue, why bargain on the nature of healthiness?! A2 Desi ghee is the most ideal approach!
  • We set up the ghee deliberately with affection and care in little clumps on the full moon days to adjust vadha, pitta, and Kapha in our body which is fundamental to keep up great wellbeing and thrive.