What this is Web of Science, Scopus, Thomson Reuters


Each of the terms can be regarded as a search platform, if we talk about the broad meaning, or as a place for publishing scientific articles. Generally speaking, these are scientometric databases, whose peer-reviewed journals serve as a place for publishing scientific articles and provide an assessment of the effectiveness of research.

Thomson Reuters

The largest Web of Knowledge platform that allows you to track thousands of studies, materials, works, and articles and provides access to register all citation cases. The database includes the Web of Science system and consists of several structural platforms. It is the largest media and information agency in the world. Which, in addition to the aspect under consideration, specializes in financial information, provides access to quotes from major exchanges, and is widely known for its news feeds. Some peer-reviewed journals are characterized by the impact factor, but many operate without it.

Web of Science

According to the estimates of many users and reputable agencies, today this is the largest search platform, where more than 12 thousand journals are reviewed. Included are mutual citation databases for publications whose index has been actively developed by Thomson Reuters since 2008. Bibliographic information about the author and the work is available. Database information is the main tool for solving problems in the scientific world. The reality is that the database archive is so high-quality and voluminous that it has no analogues in the whole world.

Scopus is a source of information for global rating agencies, including Financial Times when compiling a world ranking of educational institutions.


An international, dynamically developing database that currently indexes over 24 thousand journals from more than 5 thousand publishers. Sources are selected using the simplest and most transparent system possible. In many countries, Scopus data are recognized as criteria for evaluating the quality of work of educational institutions and individual representatives of science. Specialization focuses on the natural sciences and humanities, medicine, art, and technology.
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Differences and features of databases for publications

When choosing where to place a scientific article, you need to focus on the main goal and specialization:

  • the WoS resource is more focused on natural science disciplines;

  • most journals in the Thomson Reuters subgroups do not have an impact factor. This does not apply to the three positions included in the WoS system.

Web of Science focuses on sources of American origin, while Scopus covers a broader range of data from around the world and is updated more frequently. However, it is WoS that is characterized by deeper citation from a number of sources.

Scopus databases are considered the easiest and most accessible to use. The first one is already 30% larger in terms of content than its prototype-WoS, but for the most part it consists of its material.

The main drawback of international scientometric databases for domestic authors is the inability to take into account references to the original Russian or Ukrainian articles if there is a translation.

Whatever database we are talking about, it is appropriate to recall the following: large – scale does not mean comprehensive. That is why it is advisable to consider these categories as complementary.

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