What is a good affordable combo for learning saltwater fly fishing?

We are going to plunge into what to search for in a fly rod and reel package and what probably the best choices are for your style of saltwater fishing.

Choosing the best fly fishing combo is a vital piece of starting your vocation as a fly angler. We are going to plunge into what to search for in a fly rod and reel package and what probably the best choices are for your style of saltwater fishing.

Our Top 5 Choices With Pricing

  1. Orvis Recon Rod and Orvis Hydros Reel:: You can get the Recon Rod and Hydros Reel in 8-12wt and you can get a matching Hydros Reel for each. This will be an ideal all-around combo and is my undisputed top choice. You get a 25-year guarantee, in addition to the cost isn't going to thoroughly use up every last cent. You're going to spend roughly $830 on this combo yet it will endure forever whenever dealt with.
  2. Orvis Helios 3 Rod and Orvis Mirage II Reel:: If you need to go with the best of the best and cost is no issue, look no farther than this combo. The Helios will be the best graphite rod that Orvis has to bring to the table. The Mirage reel, very much like the Hydros, is fixed and will be ensured in saltwater. You're going to get the Orvis 25-year guarantee and your expense will be roughly, $1,700.
  3. TFO Axiom II-X Rod and TFO Power Reel: : Don't let the cost of this one imbecile you, it's quite possibly the most equivalent rod and reel combos to the Orvis Helios available. TFO manages to hold their costs somewhere around selling on the web just with no TFO retail locations. Thusly, their absence of overhead aides hold the expense down for you as the angler. In addition you're going to be sponsored by TFO's Lifetime Warranty and it's simply going to cost you around $750.
  4. G.Loomis NRX Saltwater Rod and Nautilus X-Series Reel: The NRX is lightweight however unimaginably strong, it's going to effectively deal with whatever you toss at it whether you're sneaking around the pads with a 8wt or chucking giant flies on a 12wt at hungry tarpon. With respect to Nautilus, this new X-Series will hold up and assist you with bringing the big saltwater fish you're after. It will not be the least expensive alternative however know, these are two highly sought-after brands for saltwater fly fishing. This combo is going to come in at roughly, $1,250.
  5. Sage SALT HD Rod and Nautilus X-Series Reel:Sage has been around the fly-fishing industry as long as most. They've got an excellent product that will make casting and fighting fish such a great deal simpler. Your expense for this combo will be roughly, $1,300.

These are a couple of the great choices you will discover for saltwater fly fishing combos; notwithstanding, it's everything up to you as the purchaser. Cost will be somewhat more exorbitant on the saltwater side yet this is on the grounds that the product is worked to withstand stronger fish and harsher conditions. The best method to figure out what you will need and like the best is to visit a neighborhood fly shop and give them a shot. 

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