Nursing Career and Opportunities

Considering a career in nursing, it is necessary to mention that this profession is not as simple as it looks at the first sight.

Considering a career in nursing, it is necessary to mention that this profession is not as simple as it looks at the first sight. Nursing is aimed at protection and improvement of human health, elimination of illnesses and injuries, reduction of suffering after finding out the diagnosis, and helping in therapy of person’s reaction to it. What is more, it promotes health care among individuals, families, communities or the whole population. Current nursing essay writing presents my attitude and reasons to pursue a career in nursing, describes the characteristics that I believe will help me to become a better nurse, and analyzes my impact on the nursing profession.

To my mind, nursing is not a simple job or a solely profession. Instead, it is rather a belief system or a way of life, but not a discipline that you can just practice every day. In my view, nursing is like an art; it is a doctrine that consists of psychological and biological knowledge and your desire to care for people whenever they are in need. Given knowledge and experience can improve the human physical health, and their emotional needs. I have noticed that only if you are working in the health care field, you can quickly realize the value of life, especially if you see how patients fight for their lives. For my part, nursing is like a privilege that will allow me to show my compassion to people who are suffering. I love caring for people and helping them feel better and healthy. Another reason to pursue a career in nursing is that it can offer me a lot of job securities. Working as a nurse, I may further study to become a surgeon assistant or a doctor.

It is a well-known fact that good nurses facilitate the stability, great success of healthcare institutions, and the physical and emotional well-being of their patients. Such nurses give all their knowledge, and, what is more, “a piece of their heart to each and every patient they care for. I think that a good nurse is a person who has a strong desire to help and care about the patients. It is a person who feel sympathy for people who are suffering. A professional nurse should always show regard to patients, especially if someone has a threatening disease like cancer. I am convinced that to be a successful nurse, one should study every day and improve their professional skills. I suppose that nurses must be efficient in time management, caring, honesty, advocacy, respect, responsibility, and patient privacy. These issues are very important for your professional rate and also the compulsory nurse’s needs in the medical setting. The American Nurses Association confirms this idea: “the nurse strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient.”

I am convinced that such profession as nursing consists of specific knowledge and skills on caring the patients. It is also important to sustain sensitivity to the patients of all cultures while providing health care services. Upon graduation, I am sure I will get profound knowledge that is central to a successful career in nursing. I understand that this profession requires my holistic thinking and predicting the patient’s needs. These abilities will greatly impact my nursing career.

To conclude, nursing is not just a job; it is a way of daily life, where caring takes a central role in achieving great results in this career. In my opinion, to become a successful nurse, it is necessary to unite all knowledge, time management, respect, advocacy, and patient privacy.


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