New nuclear reactors could help France become carbon neutral by 2050

-French grid operator RTE said next generation nuclear reactors


French grid operator RTE said the next-generation nuclear reactors offer a viable approach to shift the country's energy mix away from fossil fuels. and make the carbon neutral goal achievable by 2050.Building a new nuclear reactor is economically feasible. Especially when it can maintain a fleet of about 40 gigawatts (GW) by 2050,

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RTE said in a report that examined the routes. to meet the expected increase in electricity demand
Industry and government sources said: The report is expected to help inform President Emmanuel Macron's decision to implement plans to build a new nuclear power plant.

Le Figaro reported last week that Macron wants to announce construction of six new EPR nuclear reactors by the end of the year.Achieving a future carbon neutral goal without nuclear reactors would require increasing the scale of renewable energy faster than the most dynamic electric mix in Europe, RTE said.

France and several European countries have pushed nuclear energy as a green investment in the upcoming EU sustainable finance rulesCarbon neutral goals will "Impossible" without significant renewable energy development,Other procurement options include the development of international connectors. hydraulic storage expansion and installing batteries to store renewable energy



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