An in-depth and comprehensive analysis Of The Legal, Financial and General Business Climate of Dubai

I'm assuming you are interested in establishing an company located in Dubai? In other words, you're not looking into this. Companies that are located in Dubai have been able to pay their fair share in order to establish get going.

I'm assuming you are interested in establishing an company located in Dubai? In other words, you're not looking into this accounting services in dubai. Companies that are located in Dubai have been able to pay their fair share in order to establish get going. The abundance of jobs in the Dubai employment market has made it much easier than ever to start an enterprise today and operate in full swing today and tomorrow.

I was also interested in setting up businesses in Dubai in the past. This article is based on my personal research and experience from the moment I decided to think concerning the notion. If you want to start your corporation in Dubai you'll have to apply to Dubai's Dubai Department of Economic Development or the "DED" as most refer to it.

This organization was created in order to stimulate the economy, which could help increase the size of the emirate of Dubai. Many states, cities, provinces are governed by an authority with similar importance that examines business applications and approves them before granting their businesses licenses to operate.

The cost of establishing your business in Dubai will comprise the following costs:

* The license is related to the kind of business activity you are engaged in (service as opposed to. manufacturing and. intellectual capital)

* Liability and business insurance (still an infrastructure that is relatively weak when compared to the USA)

* Professional costs (legal and financial)

It is the cost for an agent local to the country (this differs from UAE Dirhams 20,000 to 2,000,000 per year based on the amount of greed they show)

The banks in Dubai are always willing to give you the initial cash to begin your business. However, make sure you take the loan on a personal assurance. If the banks in Dubai do lend money to you it is vital to present them your credentials and the financial performance of your company in the last couple of years. All of us want to protect their behind.

In order to avoid having to pay a local partner, various entrepreneurs establish their businesses within one of the free zones within Dubai such as for instance the Jebel Ali zone. These free zones were instituted in government officials of the Dubai Government in order to facilitate business creation along with foreign investors. These zones are considered stand-alone entities and they could serve as you're "silent partner" in business.

If you're interested in getting an idea of the amount needed to begin the company in Dubai look up the DED website and select"English" as the "English" option on the lower left of your monitor. This is only when the website is written in Arabic. Once you're in the English mode, go to the eservices menu , where you'll be able do costs simulation.

Although I'm an entrepreneur in my heart who likes to lead and execute things first hand starting a business in Dubai is something that I would not recommend you take on by yourself. There are several cracks to slip through and they can prove really costly for both you and your business in the as well as long-term in the long term.

It is important to know the legal structure as well as the common rules regarding commerce and finance in Dubai. Starting your company in Dubai alone could result in costing you significantly more than it is expected to.

If you're serious about doing business in Dubai I would strongly recommend that you think about the team at Global Office FZ led by Christine Orth. As of 2009 Christine has spent more than 6 years of experience with her team and is my only contact for anything that has to do with conducting business from Dubai. Learn more about their credibility and qualifications here.

This is a significant move and you'd like to ensure you go about the right way. The right business advisor for guidance will make all the difference while you get started and require help along the way. I wish you all the best and would love to share your stories. Please come back and give us an update. We'd like to have you telling your story about your accomplishment in the Dubai private stories page.

Update for 2010: New Virtual Office company set up with complete business license and 3 year residence visa now available in Dubai. Prices start around AED 18,000 per annum You as an Investor are entitled to get 5 visas for employees and you and you can also be a sponsor for your family as well as a maid.

The arrangement has been approved by Abu Dhabi High Court and is being licensed by the Northern Emirates Free Zone that is legally able to issue the Free Zone licensing for businesses in Dubai.

Their office is located in Dubai Marina with numerous restaurants hotel rooms and free parking in the vicinity of walking distance. For more information about our activities, please contact one of our partners in business, Christine.