I am planning on trying to finish the fight caves this weekend

I am planning on trying to finish the fight caves this weekend

OK so I want to give soloing the armadyl boss a try. I am hoping for a wonderful drop (Does anybody know what the drop rate of a RS gold good fall is?) The issue is I have to use welfare gear, like I just have 3 mil to spend on equipment. I'm only hoping for two, possibly 3 kills per trip. If I could get over that's just bonus. I was planning on using this to get gear: Helm- Torag helm, Body- Dark d'hide/sara or zammy, Legs- Karil skirt, Shield- Dragon square, Necklace- Glory, Boots- Snakeskin, Ring- Ring of Life, Cape- Ava's thingy, Gloves- Sara/zammy brace, Weapon- Rune C'bow needless to say!

Is there anything that I could do to improve my gear? I would also be interested in moving in a small group (2-3) since I have never been before. If you would want to go with me I'd love the company. I gave up in my target to get 99 Agility. However, here is what I did and also the likely a fantastic method to get it up. 1-30 Gnome Strong Hold (Optionally stay here till 35.) 30-35 Agility Pyramid (Optionally stay here until 40 or 52). 35-40/52 - Barbarian Agility Course.

In 40 You can perform Brimhaven (I hate it and it is bothersome ) Or you can go till 52 in Barb. Until 52 it will be HELL. You'll average 9-12k at Gnome/Barb. In 52 it will get A LOT better. 52-60 Willderness Agility Program. 60-70/75 Werewolf Agility Course (Ring of Charos required) 70/75 - 80/85 Ape Atoll (Dorgesh Kahn at 80 or Gnome Advanced at 85.) You can either adhere to Barb Adv to 99 or go to Ape Atoll after getting your Agile Armour. Your call. There both almost the exact same exp. Good Luck, this'll be a hard one.

Hello everyone, I am planning on trying to finish the fight caves this weekend. I am not certain what to have in my inventory when I attempt this. I'm really uncertain about this inventory, because I've low prayer, Should I choose a away a Range bud and add a different brew or restore? And which marijuana helps prayer more? Brews or Restores? Please give me your comments on what to tradechange and switch in my inventory and armor collections.

Alright, so as a"veteran" player in this match, I should know better but , I need some help in scope. It is 72 and I would like to increase to 80 (or 85). So the hurdles I am facing and I need help with are: (Before I continue: I am training in the buy rs gold paypal Stronghld of Security in the flesh crawlers. I am not picking up any arrows and I plan on just being autoattacked. I understand folks will suggest Moss Giants maybe for the huge bones, but I must research, and my method of training is letting my account instruct while I study/do homework.)

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