Why WoW Classic maintains professional balance during the championship season

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When WoW Classic stands in the starting area and warms up, I can read over and over again in social media or comment areas that the poor class balance of Vanilla WoW will not be a factor for many players. You will still play as the Punisher, Dark Shepherd, Owl, Elemental Shaman or Protecting Paladin. Similarly, in my guild, our first raid visit consisted of a mixed group of people with many "memetic" specifications.

But for many players, "passing content" is not important. You want to make an important contribution, and you can even shake the DPS meter. Or at least end the battle with normal damage rotation from time to time without obvious mana problems. The result: In the absence of external pressure, most "memetic" players turned to warriors, magicians, etc. I have seen similar things in many other "normal" guilds. I don’t even need to start with the Progress community with speed and first kill ambition. With the first season of the World of Warcraft Classic Championship, the raid challenge will not only be clearer, but the battle will also last longer due to the lack of world buffs and more health supplies.

There are no major reasons for class changes. The developers proved their decision in a long forum post: Tl; dr: Players should still be able to recognize their profession from Vanilla WoW because this is the meaning of WoW Classic. In the beta version, you can see that the hybrid raid team gets along well with the boss.

The World of Warcraft Classic is especially because it creates an opportunity to relive and master the gameplay of previous versions of World of Warcraft. The purpose of bringing it to players is one of the core elements of the classic World of Warcraft project. Mistakes can of course be fixed, but generally speaking, the courses you know in Classic will also be the ones you will review this season. Some people worry that the health of the raid leader will further reduce professional diversity. This is mainly about fighters and villains, they are more suitable for long-term battles because they will not run out of mana.

Last week, in the Beta test of Molten Core and Onyxia, we saw that teams of samurai and villains are more troublesome than teams with more professional categories. There are many variables at play here, the most notable is the equipment and the fact that this is their first experience of these battles, but it makes us hope that we are on the right track. However, we will keep this in mind, and if the facts prove that we are wrong and these become necessary, we are willing to make further adjustments. Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold at MMOSO to protect your account security.

The developer’s goal is not to exclude certain professions or game styles from the raid content during the championship season. They expect that during the championship season, the team copy content can and will be constructed through many different team copies. This is not to say that they want to see every specialization at all levels are fully reflected, but we want it all to feel familiar, even if the rhythm is different and new problems need to be solved to meet the challenges of the game. Buying WOW TBC Classic Gold is a shortcut for players to break through difficulties.

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