The new opinions they provide you after a long absence are sometimes

The new opinions they provide you after a long absence are sometimes

Alternatively, do speak to this villager you like and tell them you do not need to leave. They won't ask to leave again for quite a Animal Crossing Bells very long time and somebody else will ask to leave 5days later.It certainly feels dull. The villagers are clearly having an existential crisis and are having deep ideas about their location in the world and you just come in like"Nah" and instantly they're fine it's true but so gloomy. I remember seeing the trailers for New Horizons and believing that the villagers would do a lot more than previously, like going around smelling blossoms and enjoying your furniture. The actual game is really gimmicky about it, however. The villagers are nowhere near as dynamic as New Leaf even when they could technically do more.

The new opinions they provide you after a long absence are sometimes pretty thoughtful, too.

It is always okay! They're constantly surprised to see you afterwards however long for the very first dialog, then it is back to the way it was before you moved away.They don't get angry or threaten to leave or anything, iirc they simply mention it's been x months and they missed seeing you around or something similar.Nothing harsh. Mostly messages about not having noticed you, having missed you, or wondering how you have been. Positive feel-good stuff, like practically everything else that they say!

I played nonstop at first, but I think June is when I have tired of the monotonous daily drama and then just never felt moved to pick it up again. Also, it was pretty frustrating spending hours terrascaping my island only to have it seem like shit. Lol Same I assess the stores and return and check if Redd is there and do the vacation stuff. I can't find the will to perform with it for more than that though but may get tired of additional things and come back.

Same, but I do wish there was more to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items do outside of decorating. I liked going to the city in ACCF and browsing all the shops. There's no real equal now... just nook's with literally 5 total items, and ables sisters.

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