Sticky Run

you will locate yourself lost inside space so help to be sure to enjoy your step!

If cookie clicker is an idle clicker game, then Sticky Run is a completely opposite game. Sticky Run is a good incredibly addicting, limitless runner-type action/platforming sport in which you play due to a little gray alien.

The small unfamiliar is trespassing inside an architecturally questioned area that is generally floating in the room. After trespassing within the prohibited sector which is a total of increasing sums of dangerous slots, you run. In the event you fall into a single of the slots, you will locate yourself lost inside space so help to be sure to enjoy your step!

Nevertheless with "Sticky Run", the only perspire you could see is generally out of your palms since you run in addition to a job through ridiculous obstacles in a strange setting the location where the regulations of physics may always apply! Exactly why run in groups when you could clarify to you a trail that places even more and more lethal holes in your current way as individuals progress? Plus, this specific game is defined inside outer space, which often beats the recreation area or the fitness center virtually any day!


  • Endless options - step over obstacles as well as run along surfaces to change the law of gravity to aid your very own gameplay
  • Find company new alien character types along with elevated talents in buy to help an individual put up with
  • Unique visuals that may incorporate 3 DIMENSIONAL gameplay having a new cartoon design and style
  • Effortless controls that can help typically the overall game straightforward to pick upward in addition to play

Link play Sticky Run: