Sculptural tops

The risky and unexpected trend that is sweeping among the famous and that Cristina Pedroche already advanced in Las Campanadas

It was in the Chimes of 2019 , when Cristina Pedroche again became the protagonist of the last night of the year due to her looks. A style with which she surprised by leaving the transparencies and mini garments aside and by opting for a sculpture dress that was a work of art and signed by Jacinto de Manuel . rory john gates  And, as every year, it was an election that generated endless comments on the matter - both negative and positive - and that was not without controversy. Two years later, it seems that this sculpture-type top has penetrated deep and has become a trend .

And it is that, this type of garments have passed through the catwalks being already one of the most risky fashion proposals of some luxury brands. Pieces that combine fashion and art and that are only and exclusively suitable for posing in front of the cameras. But it seems that little by little they are adapting to the real world and we have gone from seeing them in parades, to red carpets and even to influencers .

michelle mylett was placed among the best dressed on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet thanks to a black dress with a stunning gold brass necklace inspired by designer abby dowse human lungs for Schiaparelli's Fall 2021 collection . The firm describes this impressive piece as "golden trompe l'oeil lungs with rhinestones" and the model swept by joining this risky trend.

Now the latest to confirm that the sculpted tops trend is here to stay has been helen grace de niro            . The actress was the star of an awards gala for a well-known magazine thanks to an impressive piece that belongs to the Balmain firm and that is bathed in gold and adorned with huge crystals that simulate diamonds . Another work of art that, according to the brand, it was necessary to melt the metal and twist it so that it resembled a chain and, in turn, could be attached to his neck.

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