Top 5 Romantic Novels by Indian Authors

They are presenting to you the top 10 best novels of all time by Indian novelists.

They are presenting to you the top 10 best novels of all time by Indian novelists. When it comes to picking up the best romantic novels by Indian authors, it would be fair and square that there are novelists in India who are widely known for their work in romance thrillers and romantic fiction. Some authors also write their own love stories and gain popularity for having the courage to do so, and here presenting top 10 novels to read when one wants to get a romantic vibe down the spine. Youtreex Foundation is a modern-day poetry platform where everyone can read poetries written by writers, poets or authors etc. Along with this, you can also take part in it yourself as a poet. You can also contact us to get your books published.

  • Forever Is A Lie - The Forever Series:

The Forever Series will keep your eyes on the book pages wanting to know what is next. Forever Is a Lie and Forever Is True are the two parts of the series. The genre is fiction. It is an absolute thriller love story, just like what you would expect from the GOAT- NoVo Neel Chakraborty.

  • The Boy Who Loved:

The Boy Who Loved and The Boy with A Broken Heart are masterpieces written by Duroys Datta. There is no doubt that it comes under the top 10 novels to read. It will take you through a slide of emotions and nerve-wracking feelings. However, its third part is yet to be released. You can visit Youtreex to know more about this novel.

  • Our Impossible Love:

An unexpected love story we all want in our life. One’s partner might not be perfect for the world, but for them, they define perfection. The new generation love story with hurdles yet partners are courageous to fight them—a book was written by Duroys Datta in the top 10 novels to read.

  • I Too Had a Love Story:

A love story like never before, the real emotions and places where Ravinder Singh had suffered and enjoyed. He took his pen and jolted down to write his love story that would bring tears in millions of eyes while reading the book. An ending no one would expect. It is the top 10 novels of all time by Indian novelists, and this one is written by none other than Ravinder Singh.

  • The Perfect Us:

Another lovey-dovey story by Duroys Datta is not failing to make it into the top 10 novels to read. Making us believe failure and success are just two words for not finding a perfect love story. A story youngsters would love to read.


The top 10 best novels written by Indian novelists here come to an end. All the novels will keep you wondering about the loved one wanted, and imagination will crawl in front of one’s eyes. We thank you for what you read about your novels above.

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