The game that is the most watched in NBA history was Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals

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Power forwards and center players might want to pencil this badge into the plans. A Ball Stripper badge gives the holder the likelihood of forcing a turn when trying for a strip layup or hit the basket NBA 2K22 MT. This can be a helpful device when weaker players attempt to take on the paint as well as be extremely beneficial when trying to stop turnovers.

Point guards, and more important, shooting guards small, and power forwards must have their Clamps badge. Clamps was perhaps the most coveted badge to wear in NBA 2K21 and it's returning for 2K22. Clamps enhances the holders' capacity to stay in front of the ball's handlers on the perimeter.

Clamps holders can make faster cut moves and are more successful when bumping into the ball's handler. This badge is vital for anyone who wants to have a chances of stopping sharp-shooting guards and forwards that have an inclination to drop mid-range shots. It allows you to remain ahead of the pack, and give you a better chance of getting hands on the ball and preventing a clean shot.

The majority of players are able to use this badge, however big males, particularly, can use the Intimidator badge. Players who are matched up with those who wear the Intimidator badge will have a lower rate in attempting to take a contesting shot. Contesting shots is the key to keeping baskets out, however, the extra boost could prove beneficial Buy NBA 2K Coins. Try to fit this badge in your build in the event that you can.