F1 Pro Championship: Sim

Anyone who tracks motion sports for narrow wheel-to-wheel action and race decisions in the last round will feel at the ESPORT of Formula 1. Almost every race offers exciting scenes and unforeseen racing developments - like the past

Despite simulation status is missing from the official game of the F1 Pro Championship, F1 2021, above all: The air turbulence of race car driving ahead arising from the complex aerodynamics. The effect? Closer race. Afterwards driving is possible here without early tire damage or lack of grip.

Good for us who watch the spectacle. If 20 cars boarded at a distance of a few tenths of a second as a bullet train on the asphalt, one has always been: the unpredictability of motorsport.

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Not infrequently four cars racing close behind or beside each other on the final straight. Racing decisions at the last minute there are many. Qualifications at short distances? Almost the rule. On the track of Portico to race in Portugal hundredths of a second stood at the end of five among the top seven on the list of results.

Numbers that were out of Formula 1 at times about, raced as Ferrari, McLaren and Williams mid-1990s, head to head through the racing calendar. The quality density in this season astonishingly high. The starting point for an exciting finale interesting.

The eternal duel

This was evident again on 23 and 11.24.2021 to event three of the four-part Championship. Three races per event mean a lot of room for contingencies. This time driving on the courses of Portugal, the Netherlands and the USA.

But one is in the virtual racing series like in the real Formula 1. The F1 eSports knew this far also hardly another topic: Mercedes or Red Bull?

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With a tie in the team championship of 140: 140, the counterparty went to the start.

The drivers' championship? She was almost ticked off: Last year's winner, Mercedes driver Arno Peer would bring in its current form, the title in the Netherlands. So at least the unanimous tenor — a fallacy.

After three events are not only experts rub your eyes. Mercedes against Red Bull? With 23 points ahead of Mercedes more almost not an issue.

Came to stay

But then came the Aston Martin drivers Lucas Blakely and stroked the experts the title duel of the discussion lists. Compared to last season he could now find the necessary tenths of a second to the winning driver. With his British team he had in 2020 ended the year even with a handful of points. In event three of the Briton celebrated not only win two of the season, but drove it with an unchallenged start-finish triumph in Portugal with intermediate 4.5 seconds ahead one. An eternity in Sim-Racing.

Blakely himself said after his victory, I'm not surprised we were last year, just not competitive. Many small details have been changed, he has become a better driver.

Only Peers geschenkter victory on the US track as Alpine-driver Nicolas Longer as the leader in the race his backers read the precedence for tactical reasons and not passed as a result, could prevent Blakely goes as the front-runner in the final.

And that applies it to miss on 15 and 16 December 2021 under any circumstances. With only eight points between the three championship leaders Peer (140) Blakely (135) and the Danish incarnation of Konstanz, Red Bull driver Frederik Rasmussen (132), who finished in the last three races second place, it goes into the F1 Pro Championship close to, as between Hamilton and Verstappen.

In the latter two men, at least all can assume that allow them to victory no one intentionally overtake. In the eSport series, however, there is at any time of uncertainty which tactical maneuvers unpack the drivers.

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