Tips for creating a wedding day mantel decoration

A beautiful mantel decoration will become a nice additional decoration at the wedding reception or ceremony.

The fireplace, no matter where the place is, can enhance the romantic atmosphere in any room.  The atmosphere is going to be more romantic once you decorate the mantel well. you'll decorate within the right way if you are doing it consistent with the design and size of the fireside also because of the color theme of the marriage.


Items you will need

  • Basic decorations like fabrics, lights, and greenery.
  • Decoration of elements for the background, such as pictures, mirrors, and garlands.
  • Supportive decorations such as flowers, candles, and ornaments.


Steps to decorate the mantelpiece

Get specialty fabrics like tulle, silk ivy, or little string of lights, or anything that can become the basis for the decor placed on the mantelpiece. Arrange items around each other, but make it as an anchor that is extended first to organize decorations.


Make a bottom at the top of the mantel. You can hang a crown in the form of a monogram or a mirror. Hang a large framed painting or picture if you don't have another hanging item over the mirror so that the wall above the mantel can be tilted.


Complete the decor by adding the main decor pieces to the base hanging on the mantel. For example, the placement of some pillar candles. Choose LED candles that do not catch fire like real candles. Make the candles in groups using glass hurricanes or holders to create a more attractive appearance. 


Wedding or family photo frames can also become a fireplace with mantel decoration online. In addition, you can also add other decorative items such as vases, large glass jars, or flowers and then fill the container with colored marbles or glass ornaments.

Place the base element in stacks around the decorative elements. Hang from the sides of the base to the sides of the mantel, like a garland, or just cover the mantel.


Create a harmonious fireplace decor


Wedding decor usually has a certain color theme that makes it look well organized and provides a beautiful atmosphere. When you do the mantel decoration, you need to harmonize it with the overall wedding décor. 

Make sure the decorations are appropriate to the theme of the wedding and the color used. Thus, the fireplace will look more and more beautiful and enhance the romantic atmosphere on the wedding day. Visit more info