WOW TBC Classic: Players' best guide to Layer Hop in the game

WOW TBC Classic: Players' best guide to Layer Hop in the game

For those players who want to play WOW TBC Classic with friends, it is necessary to understand layer hopping. The highly anticipated WoW iconic expansion film TBC Classic has been re-released, attracting new and old players to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold venture into the Dark Portal and experience its demonic horror firsthand.

However, one of the most important parts of mastering Classic is the idea of ​​"layer hopping". Unlike the retail version of WoW, WoW Classic includes the concept of "layer hopping". This is due to the programming of the game. There are multiple versions of the same world in each domain that the player visits in WoW Classic, all of which are superimposed on each other. These are the "layers" of the player.

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If the player wants to dive into another layer, then the player needs to know which layer he is on. The best way is to install the Nova World Buffs plugin. If the player is completely confused by the plug-in system, don't worry, the player can complete the layer hop through the following guide. First, players need to download and install Nova World Buffs. Then, go to the "Configuration" menu.

Select "Show Minimap Layer" and then close the menu. Players will now see the layer they are on, displayed at the bottom of the TBC Classic Gold minimap. The player needs to aim at the NPC to see this, otherwise, it will keep showing "no layer". Players can now request layer hop by typing "looking for Layer Hop, not Layer [X]".

It is worth noting that players need to make sure to specify the layer they do not want to end. Layer hopping allows players to play with friends and make new friends. It can also help players collect different resources faster. In addition, if players want to easily obtain TBC Classic Gold, they can consider spending a little money to purchase from MMOWTS. They have cheap WOW TBC Gold and perfect customer service.