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The Gauntlet (Risky). Player enters a dungeon without any tools and items and has to survive against level 674 Crystalline Hunllef boss, with RS gold all items he finds on his way. By finishing a maze most courageous of the adventurers may be rewarded with inactive version of Blade of Saeldor - the most powerful one handed melee weapon from the game. Tithe Farm (Safe). As the name states you'll be Farming in this one. It is found in Hosidius house at which you can plant special seeds and tend them until the period of harvest. As it is one of the best ways to train Farming you might meet there many people. Two groups struggle against each other to create bottles of Rum. Players may get experience in various abilities by completing tasks necessary for the Rum production. Along with this there's NPC selling cosmetic things for points made during the game. Volcanic Mine (Risky). Underneath a Fossil Island you can find a Volcano which holds many valuable ores. Players who posses over 50 Mining level and fulfill different demands can challenge themselves said ores within a time limits. It is a great moneymaker and an incredible way to level up Mining skill.

Other minigames. Treasure Trails (Risky). Have you ever received Clue Scroll as a drop out of creature or activity? If you did, then you need to be familiar with how to start Treasure Trails. Enemies in the lands of Gielinor have a small chance to fall said Clue Scrolls which lead to some place which may have a treasure. To complicate things a little those pieces of paper have complicated puzzles which could be in shape of a map, drawing, rhyme or some thing else. As its name states, this is only a Clue of wherever your prize is. After solving it, you may get a different one and in roughly 5 solves you'll receive treasure. Simply, just a board games area where players can play various Jagex versions of the well known titles like Connect Four or RuneScape gold buy more Draughts. Rat Pits (Safe). Players may train their regular cats to become Wily Cats who focus in fighting against Mice from the special arenas. By bargaining with Ali Morrisane who's greedy and adorable Pollnivnian merchant on the lookout for new business opportunities you can create a tiny profit in form of runes, clothes and blackjacks.