5 Best Places for Photos and Videos of Cute Puppies

5 Best Places for Photos and Videos of Cute Puppies

5 Best Places for Photos and Videos of Cute Puppies

We rate the dog (Twitter): the highest rated dog on the Internet

Matt Nelson never dreamed that his stupid Twitter practice would become so big. Nelson took photos of the dogs (submitted by the dog owner), wrote some silly headlines, and rated them at the same time and golden doodle puppies.

"Who can rate the dog?" You can't breathe. Nelson agreed. Don't worry, no dog has a score lower than 11 out of 10. Just look at the ratings of parody and you will understand what we mean.

We regularly update the latest photos and videos of dogs, as well as Nelson's funny subtitles. This even leads to an internet meme that you need to explain, called "They are good dogs, Brent." Follow this on Twitter and you will be entertained every day and goldendoodles for sale in nc.

Dodo (Internet, youtube): Videos of rescue and cute moments

Dodo is not only for dogs, it is also a website for any animal that is worth telling a story about. But considering how many people around the world shoot videos of their pets, dogs are clearly the subject of the website and goldendoodle puppies florida.

The site pays special attention to inspiring stories about disabled, abandoned, or rescued dogs. The short film tells the story of this dog, and the unique style immediately attracts people. You may have seen some Dodo videos on Facebook, but there are many more on the main website.

However, not all stories are hard. Dodo is cute enough to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. If you don’t want other animals and just want to eat puppies, go to thedodo.com/dogs. Or you can go to Dodo’s YouTube page to watch the thumbnail video.

RAREUPPERS (red): cute overload

A huge community of stupid pet owners and dog lovers is under this roof on Reddit**. Rare puppets like the stupid videos of our dog friends, complete misspelled titles and subtitles as if a dog is typing.

The description of the subreddit is a good example, you can expect similar misspelled subtitles: "This is a subreddit dedicated to cute little animals such as puppets, gourmet food, turtles if you have some cute turtles post other animals if you decided and best dog food for goldendoodles."

It is always updated, you can filter by the type of animal, but I suggest you look at everything. If you are not familiar with Reddit, you can always read our Reddit guide. But this is not confusing at all. Just keep browsing, if you want to see the best posts, click on the "top" tab.

Kids with dogs (instagram): Dog + baby = cute video!

The only thing cuter than dogs and puppies is to put them together with human puppies. Many dogs, especially older dogs, are amazing for babies, and this Instagram picture shows this.

People send videos of their dogs and children interacting with each other. Most of them are babies with older dogs. They think they are either their peers or people in need of protection. Very cute! Even if the balance of age changes sometimes, it is equally interesting and Goldendoodle.

If you are an Instagram user, you just need to follow @kidswithdogs to get a cutie in your feed. If you are not an Instagram user, you can still access the account page through any browser to view it.

Dog Humiliation (Internet): When a naughty dog ​​is caught, it is still cute

Dogs will pee in the house, gnaw your slippers, destroy your furniture, and crawl to other places where they shouldn't be. It's time to name these cute weirdos and humiliate them! In the face of dog humiliation, know that you are not the only one who cannot scold your dog.

The idea is to post a picture of the four-legged criminal and his crimes, and an explanation of what he did. Bonus points if your boy or girl is good, sit on the criminal sign you hang around their neck.

More often, the expression of shame is enough to melt your heart instead of causing any anger. Sometimes, this expression is not shamed, but joyous resistance, more lovely. Good luck to discipline your beasts, these masters are obviously unsuccessful.

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