Here the new trailer of River City Girls 2!

Wayforward and ARC System Works have revealed a new trailer of Rover City Girls 2, which will arrive at the market in the summer of 2022.

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River City Girls 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch RIVER CITY GIRLS 2 is one of the most anticipated 2022 games. In this way, during the Indie World Showcase of today a new trailer of the sequel in charge of Way forward and ARC System was presented Works. Along with all the news, it was confirmed that this title will be available at some point of summer of 2022. RIVER CITY GIRLS 2 is a direct sequel to the title of 2019. On this occasion we will have six playable characters, new locations, enemies and movements. A dream come true for the fans of the Kunio-Kun series and the Beat'em UPS. Via: Indie World Showcase

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