Slathering your skin layer with thick and heavy moisturizers, especially during hot summer months is absolutely no fun.

Slathering your skin layer with thick and heavy moisturisers, especially during hot summer months is absolutely no fun. Instead, employing a gel-based face moisturizer could be the smart thing to do.

A gel-based moisturizer provides the cooling properties of a gel alongside moisturizing goodness of a cream. They are light-weight in nature and absorb quickly in to the skin without leaving any greasy residue behind. Great, no? Ahead, explanations why you must switch to a gel-based moisturizer straight away.

Soothes the skin
Summertime can be particularly harsh for your skin. Even after layering on sunscreen, the skin can expire up looking red and flushed. Applying a gel-based moisturizer will immediately calm and soothe your skin. To enhance the experience, store the gel moisturizer in the fridge for sometime before using.

Hydrates the skin
Dehydrated skin can look dry and dull. Hence, it's necessary to give your skin an excellent dose of hydration during the hot summertime. The Ponds Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturiser is a water-based formula that also contains hyaluronic acid which retains moisture in skin for a longer time frame.

Suitable for sensitive skin
Sensitive skin type may easily react to certain ingredients in skincare products. A gel-based moisturizer contains water, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and other such gentle ingredients which keep consitently the skin calm and sensitivity away.

Perfect for summer
As mentioned earlier, summertime is problematic for your skin; it sweats significantly more than usual and slathering on a creamy moisturizer is only going to lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Instead, choose a gel-based moisturizer to get dewy and fresh skin without all the greasiness.

Absorbs quickly
Gel-based moisturisers get absorbed quickly in to the skin and locks in moisture, maintaining your skin looking plump and healthy. Also, if you're someone who loves wearing makeup, a gel-based moisturise is your very best bet since it won't cause your makeup to melt-down.

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