You're doing better than me

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Would it be the speediest if it had been 1 voucher/2 vouchers/5vouchers? You would have to play through each of those twice to  MLB The Show 21 Stubs the final rewards. Plus the final reward stacked on the other 2 could be huge. I really do see what you're saying though and I agree it could be a problem. It was only an idea.Sure, that'd be better. People will do whatever is most effective and easy.The idea is it's hard, not everybody is assume to receive all the cards.Yeah, and the people that win/are better would still get them in a much faster rate. This would not change that lmao.

You're doing better than me. I'm 0-5 and only made it to the closing once.I'd like to include one item. If they will have you receive a certain number of hits, then it would be fine if the pitcher you are facing doesn't throw 8 directly balls.Agreed! So annoying when you get literally NOTHING to strike andn the match requires strikes.

While I dont find showdown hard (80% success rate approximately ) I will say that, losing into a miniboss=shedding the whole showdown run is B.S. a far more fitting and not as discouraging punishment would be losing all of your runs for the final boss. Meaning you'd 3 runs before the mini boss but lost it? Back down to zero. Its a fitting punishment which you can recover from in the last few missions before the final boss.

That's kinda brilliant really. I am pretty decent at showdowns, having the ability to always grind point 2 ones and buy MLB 21 the show stubs having defeated all the inning ones, but I really struggle with all the divisional ones. I absolutely hate how I lose my whole rush if I fuck up a miniboss that is completely harder than the last boss.