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What is the Difference between SEO and PPC?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is focused on your company.


Your website's content is based on the best practises for managing your content to show the search engines that your website is an authority usefulinsurance useful insurance Website useful insurance us thanksinsurance thanks insurance Website thanks insurance us insuranceterms insurance terms in your field with relevant information. Your website's content must be displayed to Search Engines.


A higher rank on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) which results in an increase in brand authority as well as higher CTRs (CTR).


This can result in more traffic, leads and a greater Return on Investment (ROI). Your Brand will be recognized as an authority in the field if it ranks among the top 3 to 5 organic outcomes (non-paid/ad).


This can draw other sites in the industry to link to your website, creating a win/win situation. It helps those sites to rise up the ranks and increases your credibility.


"Clark This is the Gift That Keeps on Giving The All Year"

The only drawback of SEO is that, in order to achieve that greater return on investment, it might require a greater initial investment from your overall digital marketing budget.


It is crucial to allow your SEO investment time to start generating results. Results that can be tracked begin to appear around the 3rd month.


Your site may be "Overly Optimised" when Website insurance terms us readinginsurance reading insurance Website reading insurance us mustinsurance must insurance Website must insurance co uk you work too fast or do too much at the same time.


But, as your SEO campaign begins to perform for your business, the investment cost could decrease, while not causing the SEO campaign to be ineffective.


Therefore being an ongoing gift that keeps gifting, even when the taps are shut off.


Search Engine Optimization provides long-term sustainability compared to a Pay Per Click campaign. It isn't easy for your competitors to take the top position on the organic search pages positions. Even if you're spending less and less, while they're spending more.


"You are either getting better or worse"

You (or we could say your website) are never the same. This quote from the famous Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes is true even in the case of Search Engine Marketing. The relevancy score of your website can become an aspect. As your site's content gets older its relevance to you. content could decrease with time.


Therefore the budget you set for your SEO efforts will never be reduced to zero since there will always be some degree of maintenance. However, the more time you spend on the campaign, the less costs are involved.

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