10 Free Online Tools To Test Website Speed

A site that loads faster is generally regarded to be good for increased traffic and, consequently higher search engine ranking. More so, the site's performance is dependent too much on its speed.

A site that loads faster is generally regarded to be good for increased traffic and, consequently higher search engine ranking. More so, the site's performance is dependent too much on its speed joker stash. It is essential to test the speed regularly to give it the appearance of increased efficiency and user-friendliness. It is important to determine the speed of the website and therefore, tools that are free can be used for this reason. In this write up we'll look at 10 tools online that are free to test the speed of websites.

Load Impact

LoadImpact is a reliable and widely used online tool for checking the speed of a website. It ensures that a site is supplied with enough information to allow the website to be able to handle traffic. By using this tool, the checker can get a graphical data, load time information and per second data on requests.

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is another popular and useful tool to evaluate the speed of websites to boost the efficiency. The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of a site's speed and performance in Google. With this information websites can easily be enhanced by adjusting the performance parameter.

Page Speed Online

Page Speed Online is a popular website testing tool from Google itself. Therefore, the tool is guaranteed to achieve good results because it is A Google product. With this tool, websites' performance can be examined in relation to a very high quality level of quality set by Google it self.


Iwebtool is another free online tool that can test the speed of loading a website. Utilizing this free tool, webmasters and customers can check the speed and gauge the potential of the site. More so, a good analysis and report are compiled which aids in the development of the site.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is a vital test tool for websites that evaluates the speed and delivers the results. A range of reports is obtained when you have the performance of your website is assessed using this tool. This tool gives distinct reports about the testing speed of style sheets, images etc. In addition, this tool helps you learn about the load time and page size of a website.


Vertain is an online free software that is extensively utilized for testing the speed of a website. In addition to the site it also tests the serve speed to give an accurate picture of the speed of a site. Using this tool, speeds are tracked easily and the overall performance of a website is compared to other websites to determine if it is meeting the goal.


Site-Perf is a no-cost online website testing tool that is used by many both webmasters and users. With this tool, the site's loading page would be known by a precise set of data and information. It tests a website speed even after taking into consideration images, CSS and different files.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization is an free online tool to check the speed of websites to boost its performance. By using this tool, a website's page tome and download time could be readily identified. When the URL of the site is input, the tool process all the information to determine the speed of loading.

Web Page Test

Web Page Test is another popular tool to check the loading speed of a website. This is also a method to ensure that websites' performance can be improved by a boost in speed of loading. This software ensures that the loading test is conducted at multiple locations from across the world.

Show Slow

Show Slow is a wonderful tool to evaluate a website's speed in order to aid in speed improvement. The most appealing feature of this program is its public display of results as well as analyses performed for all page. It is a guarantee that nothing will remain secret when this tool presents results and everyone can have access to this information.

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