My questions are straightforward

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So I log on now and attempt to chat, and OSRS gold am given a message stating"You have been temporarily muted due to breaking a rule. This mute will stay for a further two days. To prevent further mutes please read the rules" Now I logged off at 11:58 EST last night, after finishing my Dark Demon task, and doing almost all of my own Spiritual Mages actions, in solitude with nobody else around. I didn't speak in public or in clan chat. The only areas I talked were in Sal's buddy chat and on Skype (irrelevant).

Now to my knowledge, I did not say anything offensive whatsoever in Sal's, and even if I had, it's Sal's! Even though many of us are pretty laid back and are not hovering over the report , there are a few men and women who report just to annoy people in the hope they will be muted. Also, WannaBePMod's. If you don't really did offend someone, in which case most people are good, law abiding citizens and you are fudgeed.

To support my claim, in my account direction it says that I will banned for 1 more day without any proof showing up. This implies it was a Player Moderator mute, so the PMod will have had to have seen you. They don't need to provide proof as it is temporary anyway. Because of this, it probably wasn't a report.

So. My questions are straightforward: How long am I truly muted for cheap RuneScape gold? 1 or two days? 2 is the standard, unless you get lucky and Jagex eliminates the mute early (they occasionally review them, iirc). Which Player Mod muted me (otherwise there would be proof )? Why is it that I feel disappointed in Sal's? It's a PMod mute. We just have a few of them, and they are responsible. Anyways, peace out before I'm un-muted guys.