Not really play PSO2SEA but I did play A LOT of games in SEA release.

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Only improvements we'll probably see is the new engine improving shadows, reflections, colors, particle effects and casting them against the outfits. You may have a look how exactly implementing better shadows and meseta pso2 colours can enhance older equipment by assessing ReShade screenshots. Collabs who have had their cosmetics removed still have their assets exist on the game so those will probably still be available for jp players. Only improvements we'll likely see is the brand new engine enhancing shadows, shadows, colors, particle effects and projecting them from the drapes. You can have a look how just implementing better shadows and colors can improve older equipment by assessing ReShade screenshots.

Not really play PSO2SEA but I did play A LOT of games in SEA release. Maintaining service through a localizer (distributor), but backslash of the distributor have the ability to modify the sport itself or stray afar in the original maintaining plan from mom company (in this case SEGA). Many games come and go only as a result of bad maintaining and being exploited. With Sream being a thing since quite some time (really steam gradually became a very important factor in about PSO2SEA release, the rise of MOBA like Dota2 and LoL was a thing), many issues of localizer were turned out, such as manipulating worth (PSO2, when enemy coped more dmg and assume to be) to unfair monetization (many, including Garena in trapping RP rate in local monies, also for PSO2 was outfit fragments and affix outfit). All of it are a sort of handling and maintening the sport. Honestly, not much game remained over 5-7 years with this kind of absence of honesty and non transparency of the localizers, and their strategy back then (at least in my state ) was kind of instant-ramen of purchasing license, using it in few years for quick buck then discarding it. There are some poblishers/localizers did really good job, notably Mihoyo or YoStar, but that is for mobile market and that is kind of later on with greater standard when gamers started caring about such and transparency.

So their fear is quite legitimate, of contents being shifted too much like oriental (SEA) launch, but he does need to see why why it failed in a wider perspective, not simply only PSO2's instance. "We heard a lot of players say they have been waiting eight long years for this launch. [laughs] So we were very happy about that."

SEGA did not just wait to bring PSO2 into the west. Keep in mind that there were strategies to localize the match early on, but for one reason or the job was scrapped until lately. The page was active as early as 2012, showing teasers and other information on the game with a large"COMING SOON" plastered on the page. SEGA announced plans to localize PSO2 just days following the JP release, hoping to launch in 2013. The webpage had no upgrades whatsoever and was eventually taken down late 2017. Come a year ago, all of a sudden SEGA admits PSO2 coming to the west onto Microsoft's platform. With buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta a little bit of digging, we can piece together what might have happened.

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