A Wentz deal was never going to Madden 21

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Once you factor in the bounty of players likely to mut coins madden 21 receive a franchise label, many of them for the 2nd straight year, and this free-agent class loses a great deal of its luster. No matter what the final cap figure is, I have my reservations about what the league holds. Together with the broadcast money and gambling money still down the street, and to truly pour within this offseason, I expect lots of owners operating in a more restricted spending ability in 2021. Hopefully, I am Mistaken.

A Wentz deal was never going to be simple in restricted market. The game of chicken being played between the Eagles, Colts and Bears over Carson Wentz was never especially close to being solved, despite what so many breathlessly reported around the Super Bowl, and his $10M roster bonus due next month remains an elephant in the room. The Eagles paid Sam Bradford a massive chunk of cash not that long ago and then dealt him anyhow, to the Vikings, to get a first-round pick.
Some believe ownership might be willing to -- or may simply have to -- consume that kind of hit again to ease getting max compensation for what amounts to Philly's backup QB at this time. Tough pill and one which will not go down easy, but I don't see the type of offers moving their way increasing much unless that financial burden is born by the Eagles. There are a slew of options available including the draft, and an extremely limited market for Wentz. This was never shut, was always going to be catchy and while I expect Wentz is gone from the forthcoming weeks, that this was never likely to be smooth.

Made an oversight in my column last week projecting the franchise tag course for 2021 -- that stands to be robust and with a range of"repeat offenders" if you may, in nightclubs that will be applying the tag for a second straight year on precisely the exact same participant (or at least seriously considering it).

The Broncos paid star security Justin Simmons $11.4M a year ago on the franchise tag and resources tell me are quite likely to employ it in 2021 as a means to attempting to secure a long-term handle the playmaker. New general manager George Paton is not going to want to start his own regime watching one of his finest players walk out the door and I would be amazed if Simmons isn't tagged again in a couple weeks. Odds are that he has plenty of cheapest madden 21 coins company from a year ago.