WOW TBC Classic: Which instances of the raid in the first stage are not friendly to players

WOW TBC Classic: Which instances of the raid in the first stage are not friendly to players

In the first phase of WOW TBC Classic, it became more difficult for many players to pack too many melee combat, because there are many dungeons and surprise attacks in the game that cause problems for melee fighters. If the player does not quickly escape from the wolves after transforming, it may be very dangerous in the melee of Little Red Riding Hood. Otherwise, close-range and long-range fighters fight event bosses with similar challenges.

Nevertheless, all melee styles ended up in the bottom third. As an unarmed fighter, most of the time players are just chasing mobs. For DpS, only the last stage is relevant anyway, and at least the warrior can Buy WOW TBC Gold keep up with the magicians, witchers, and hunters. The amplifier also has good explosive power in their suitcases.

In fact, there is no mechanism that particularly hates melee fighters. Instead, DpS is affected by who can stay in the blue beam and how long. Arcane wizards can release huge explosive power here. On the other hand, the warlock found that it was easiest to survive for a long time in blue light. Berserkers with DpS points of 1,600 DpS have also appeared. However, on average, Melees can only play in midfield at best.

Horror of the Night is perhaps Karazhan's most unfriendly melee boss. Skeletons from the middle stage cause too much damage due to their flame aura. Players only need to join the battle and defeat the undead. Most of the DpS work is done here by remote fighters. The TBC Classic Gold constant rockfall in the melee camp is of course annoying. It's like the player must run back to the boss after being shocked.

However, with the repositioning, all members of the raid must struggle a bit. In addition, the caster must endure the usual silent effects. For melee fighters, Gruul can only deal moderate damage. By the way, buying WOW TBC Gold at MMOWTS is absolutely worth it, because they can not only save you money, but also protect your funds.